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Why Android Wifi Turns Itself Off and How to Fix It

You might be having an issue android wifi turns itself off. Same as you, i had been this problem on some my android phone.

Although using 4G or 3G data connection is more convenient, the superior signal of wifi is just unbeatable.

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Most people prefer using wifi rather than their mobile data connection due to its strength signal when there is wifi connection around.

However, one of the biggest issues of using wifi in android is that you frequently find it turns itself off and off automatically.

When you just need the connection the most, the automatic turn-off will be really frustrating.

It keeps happening because you have no idea of why it turns off and on most of the time.

There are some reasons why your android get the wifi automatically turned off, one of them is to save the battery.

Many mobile phone manufacturer’s these days have designed their products to be better in saving battery by turning off some features that consume a lot of battery, such as wifi.

Connecting your phone to wifi will quickly drain out your battery and when it is getting low the wifi connection is turned off by the phone automatically.

Also, some android phones have features of automatically turning off wifi when the idle mode is on.

Another cause of why your wifi is turned off is maybe because your android wifi setting is set to have a connection optimizer, which only allows a good connection and discard the poor one.

Also, aware attack maybe infecting your phone and making your wifi connection turned off itself.

Sometimes, your wifi issues can be also caused by the router or interference. Faulty wifi router or improper location can cause the automatic turning off of the wifi.

With these numerous causes of why your android wifi keeps disconnecting also require different solutions to target the problems.

How to Prevent Your Android Wifi Turns Itself Off

Since there are several reasons that affect your stable wifi connection, here are some ways you can learn to prevent your android wifi from turning off itself depending on the solution.

1. Check Your Battery Saving Mode

As has been said before that one of the reasons of the automatic turning off of wifi is caused by your phone’s battery saving mode, then you should check this on your setting first.

This battery saving mode has become a default setting of so many popular brands because it helps the users to optimize the use of battery when it is getting low by turning off the wifi, which is one of the things that take a lot of battery.

You just need to go to your Battery Settings in the Phone Settings and choose the Battery Optimization or Power Saving Mode.

Change the default setting in the wifi operation to allow you get it turned on even when the battery is low. After changing the setting, restart your phone to let it work maximally with the new setting.

2. Change the Wifi Settings

Still talking about the saving battery feature, some manufacturers also design their phone to get an automatically turned off wifi when the phone is unattended. Check your wifi settings to see whether or not your Wifi Timer setting is on.

The name of the Wifi Timer maybe different from one device and another, so if you can’t find the Wifi Timer menu, then go look for Wifi Preferences.

This menu is sometimes placed in the main page or inside the Advanced Settings. You can just look for it carefully depending on the device you are using.

Sometimes the Wifi Timer is enabled by the default setting of your device, so you just have to disable it to stop your wifi from disconnecting itself.

If necessary you can also change the WIFI’s Scanning Setting. Changing this setting will prevent your device from turning its wifi off itself.

3. Changing the Wifi Settings

One of the options available in Wifi Settings is usually related with saving data connection.

To save the data some devices are usually featured with an option of wifi turning off by itself to limit the usage of data.

You can change its setting in the Connection menu of your Settings. Choose this option to go to the Connection Control and Data Saving menu to turn it off.

It usually works in several popular brands of android phones although you may find the menus are in a different name depending on your device.

4. Turn Off Connection Optimizer

When your android wifi keeps disconnecting with no reason it could be because your phone is set with the Connection Optimizer on.

This feature is used to help your device connected with the best service. So when it finds that your wifi signal is not that good, it will automatically turn off the connection to look for the best signal available.

The most frustrating about this feature is that it lets your wifi connection turn off and on so often depending on which wifi signal is best.

If it happens when you are doing important tasks, it could really lead to a total headache.

To turn off this feature you can go to your Wifi Settings and choose Connection Optimizer. Some devices have this feature named as Wifi Assistant, so just look for the one that has a similar name or meaning.

If you choose that menu you will find an option saying Automatically Select the Best Wifi. Turn this option off and your problem is solved.

5. Disabling High Accuracy Location

A device with high accuracy location is enabling will need to have a stable and good wifi signal.

This is why when your device is set to have a high accuracy level of GPS, the wifi will turn on and off itself in turn with the data connection.

The device is just trying to maintain the best signal achieved by the phone because it has an important duty to set the most accurate location.

Even if you are not using the Google Map, the app is still working in the background making sure that it always serves you with the right location.

The solution is to stop the application using the wifi by changing the setting. Go to the Location Services Settings and decrease the accuracy level of the location.

Restart the phone after changing the setting to let the device work better afterward.

6. Check the Application Manager

When wifi keeps disconnecting android while you have done some solutions above, there may be some applications that take control of your wifi settings.

Not all applications require permission to access your wifi settings. Some apps have a full power of the whole connection you are using including your wifi.

This is why sometimes your wifi is turn off itself because the apps are trying to change it with 3G or 4G.

Usually the apps intruding your wifi are those that demand the access for your location or network services.

When you have a lot of time, check your application manager to see which app that has been trying to control your wifi settings.

You may be unaware because such app has a default setting to take over the wifi connection without asking permission. That is why you should go check by yourself to change the setting.

Friendly Asked Questions

Why Does my Wifi Connection Keep Turning Off on My Android Phone?

It could be your wifi setting that is improperly set or some apps are intruding your wifi connection. Many devices are designed with a default setting of turning off wifi when the battery is getting low.
This feature is made for helping you saving your battery because connecting to wifi will consume a lot of it. You need to go to your Settings to turn off this feature.
Your Wifi Settings have many things to manage and it also has the answer of why your wifi keeps disconnecting. You should check it to find the solution.

Why Does my Wifi and Bluetooth Keep Turning Off?

The same reason applies to this question: your battery saving mode. The battery saving mode will automatically turn off all features that consume a lot of your battery including the wifi, Bluetooth and GPS.
You can turn off the battery saving mode in your Settings to stop the automatic turning off of the wifi and Bluetooth.

Why Did My Wifi Randomly Turn Off?

The phone’s settings and apps are not the only culprit of this problem. Sometimes, your location to the wifi router can be the reason why your wifi turning off randomly.
You may not realize that you are sitting near the edge of your wifi network and that is why you don’t get sufficient signal.
Especially when your phone is set to have the Wifi Optimizer on, it will automatically turn off the connection when it finds the signal is poor.
It can be also caused by the number of people using the same wifi or your router is outdated.

Why Does my Wifi Keep Turning Off at Night

The crowded connection is the biggest reason why wifi connection is turning off at night.
If you are living in a neighborhood where the people are using the same wifi signal, you may find the connection disappear at night because the number of the users is increasing.
Also, the location of your bedroom may be is just too far from the router.

Since there are many reasons why android wifi turns itself off, you should troubleshoot the issue by checking the problem to find the solution.

Also, there are different menus in the Settings of different devices. Be wise in using this guide because the menus mentioned above are maybe using a different name.

What you need to do is just to properly set the wifi connection and manage the apps permission.

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