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10 Best Mobile WiFi Hotspot for International Travel

Internet or best mobile WiFi hotspot for international travel is an essential thing today.

It’s like half of our lives and we can’t cut the connection between that. Most of every job and news need internet access.

It’s like find out the spot using a map, or talking with some foreigners using the dictionary, the internet now handles the previous task of complementary thing.

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We can operate the application on our phone or PC with an only internet connection that we have.

As the internet becomes one of the important things in our life, the availability of the internet is a must.

It’s also included when you are travelling to other places just like we said before.

The unknown condition of places, various style of communication, and indeed –different SIM card server makes you need the existence of the internet.

It’s the easiest way to look out for the information on the places and to contact your relations when you’re far from them.

If you are facing this kind of situation, there are only 3 options that we could offer.

First, you can go to public places that have a WiFi connection.

Second, you can buy a new SIM card for your phone.

Third, you can buy mobile WiFi to activating hotspot so that your phone can connect to that.

The first and second option is ineffective, and that makes buy mobile WiFi hotspot is the best choice for you to take when doing international travel.

Introduction of Best Mobile WiFi Hotspot for International Travel

Before we explain the best mobile WiFi hotspot for international travel, we will let you know mobile WiFi hotspot first.

In general, the mobile WiFi hotspot is the wireless access point from a particular device or phone’s cellular.

The wireless access point can be connected to another device by activating the feature in the device.

That will result in your phone or device have an internet connection from the mobile WiFi hotspot.

Simply said, mobile WiFi hotspot allows you to connect your device without plug in the cable to your device.

You can use the internet connection wirelessly and connect all of your devices from PC to phone with that.

People also called mobile WiFi hotspot as a portable hotspot, considering it can be brought anywhere because there are no additional accessories for mobile WiFi hotspot.

Besides, you don’t need to own a SIM card for using this.

If you’re talking about mobile WiFi hotspot from the phone, maybe you need to have SIM card inside the phone. It’s how the connectivity will be created.

But as for the mobile WiFi hotspot device –we mean, the WiFi hotspot that provides in one device, most of them already provide the internet plans.

The provider usually offered that in a package with specific data plans. For example, 2 GB a day or 500Mbps a day. But still, it’s back on the provider whether you don’t need any SIM card or no.

List of Best Mobile WiFi Hotspot for International Travel

1. Huawei E5788

If you are travelling with large groups, Huawei E5788 could be your choice for mobile WiFi hotspot device.

The LTE CAT16 feature will help you to have internet access and do your job without interrupting other actions in your phone or PC.

The number of connections of Huawei E5788 is 32 devices, make this device take the 1st place of a mobile WiFi hotspot. The device ready for 4G or 5G in every country in this world.

Because it’s intending to use for large groups, Huawei doesn’t provide any data inside the device.

It’s considerable by seeing the main use of the device, which is to accommodate large group availability of internet.

By inserting the SIM card and choosing the data plan, it will simplify the usability of Huawei E5788.

Besides, the device can be used as a power bank. It can be used for the group leader phone to always stand by looking out for the people in the travel group.

2. Skyroam Solis

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For the backpacker, the Skyroam Solis is the best option for mobile WiFi hotspot device.

This device already built-in data and offered internet usability based on the day. That makes you can pick whether you want to buy for the one-day internet data or 20 days of internet data.

The flexibility result Skyroam Solis becomes the favorite mobile WiFi hotspot for most travelers, especially the backpacker who loves to visit places and have no time to take care of the internet data.

The device battery-life is about 16 – 20 hours with the 6,000 mAh battery that can be used as a power bank. For the maximum data speed, Skyroam Solis limit that up to 150Mbps.

The number of connections is 5, considering this device does have built-in data and significant feature that unable to hold lots of connection.

Aside from that, this mobile WiFi hotspot has 4G connection from its virtual SIM card that can make you enjoy 4G in 130+ countries.

3. Macaroon

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Who doesn’t want to get 1 GB for a package of mobile WiFi hotspot device?  People will love to take that and use that when travelling internationally.

You can get this 1 GB to include from using Macaroons provider. The device offers internet data usability, which means you don’t have to insert any SIM card inside the device.

They also limit the number of connections to 10, more than the number of connections of standard mobile WiFi hotspot device.

This device is suitable for travelers who using smartphones only. It’s because the device performance is app-based and easily accessible through smartphones.

From this app, you can also buy data that integrated with cloud SIM technology. As for the battery-life, Macaroon able to stay for straight 12 hours.

It’s enough time for travelers to go out and come back again to their hotel after tiring day. However, app-based technology is a bit ineffective.

4. TP-Link M7350

Image source:

If you have a WiFi in your house, TP-Link is not the new actor in the industry. Trusted to create modem and router in every home around the world, TP-Link then created portable hotspot to use when you’re not in your home.

One of the most known mobile WiFi hotspot devices is TP-Link M7350 with lots of feature in there.

This device provides basic 3G and 4G connection access for the phone or PC and makes you able to set your data limit in a day.

The battery-life of TP-Link M7350 is 8 hours, less than the previous portable hotspot device we talk before.

Even so, the battery can be used for a quite long time and can help you while you’re busy travelling.

The number of connections is 10 although it’s more effective if you use it only for 2 – 3 people due to small battery.

Uniquely, there’s an SD card inside of the device for downloaded photos, documents, or music that use the device wireless connection.

5. Netgear MR1100-100EUS Nighthawk

Image source:

The device name’s Nighthawk is make-sense for some reason. You have to know that this mobile WiFi hotspot device does have 24 hours of battery life.

From the time you wake until you sleep deeply, the device still can use for another occasion.

The device’s speed also exceeds more than 1GB, make you do your task without getting interrupted by the alert when it reaches 1GB.

While the device has massive speed, it can be able to connect with up to 20 devices.

Netgear devises, however, have the same feature as Huawei E5788. They don’t have built-in data mode for them to offer to the customer.

The reason why the provider gives some freedom to the customer to pick their data is because of the high speed of the device.

If it’s sold in the market with high-speed and up 1GB data, the price will be more expensive.

It’s possible if people don’t want to buy that. To avoid that, Netgear tries to set the device without build-in data mode.

6. GlocalMe G3 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot

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With GlocalMe, you can upload something in your phone or PC up to 50Mbps. It’s the quite high speed of uploading data using the wireless device.

Beside of that, the device already has access to global connection. You don’t have to be worried again about roaming data or local SIM Card.

The device includes built-in data mode. The coverage is 3G and 4G with up to 5 connections.

If you travel with your family, this device is more than enough to handle internet necessity.

When you are using this device, you can manage your data by open the GlocalMe application.

You can buy it directly through the app without worry about security. Another benefit from the device is that they have 2 SIM card slots and can unlock the WiFi hotspots in lots of countries.

So far, GlocalMe is one of a pioneer in mobile WiFi hotspot device that let you keep your own SIM card and use the global SIM-free connection to buy the data.

7. Keepgo Global Lifetime Mobile Travel WiFi Hotspot

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This Keepgo device allows you to access the internet in more 105 countries with a one-time payment SIM card that include 1GB of global data roaming.

Although it has 6 hours of battery life, it is durable to accompany you travelling.

If you don’t use your phone often, you will save the battery of mobile WiFi hotspot devices. It’s just like picking the right decision to spare the budget for travelling.

In the other side, the device can use by 10 different devices. That means you can use it for your PC also.

Your travelling groups may join to buy the data for the device and use it together with you. It’s worth and affordable to keep you always online.

The device activation designed with simplicity. You will love it when you like kind of device with no exclusive addition that makes the device perform faster than the other.

8. Verizon MiFi Jetpack 4620

Image source:

A best-seller in the market and most purchased device by mobile WiFi hotspot rental, Verizon MiFi Jetpack 4620 let you experience the rapid connection and convenience internet access all over the world.

It enables 3G and 4G connection to be used for people who are travelling.

We can say, this one is the best choice for groups consisting of 3 – 4 people because the connection reaches the maximum connection when there are 5 devices connected. It’s a quite fair decision.

Usually, people experiencing a hard situation when the device doesn’t connect yet to their phone or PC.

In Verizon MiFi Jetpack 4620, the device can connect easily with all the type of operating systems such as Mac OSX, Windows, Android, and iOS.

There is also OLED display that can be seen in your phone or PC to know the current status of your connectivity.

The status even gives some signal if there’s a notification in your phone or PC.

9. MiFi 8000 Mobile Hotspot

Image source:

With its up-to-date version of mobile hotspot, MiFi releases the device that focuses on 4G speed and performance.

It’s easy to operate the MiFi 8000 mobile hotspot because of the handy design of the device.

The device has a 4,400 mAh battery that allows you to use it for about 16 hours. It takes 2 – 3 hours for the MiFi to fully charged the mobile hotspot device until you can use it again to upload photos in social media.

10. My Webspot 4G Pocket WiFi

Image source:

Do you rarely go out from your countries but still want to reduce the expenses by using a mobile WiFi hotspot device when you are travelling?

As for My Webspot, you can rent the device directly to the company and use it for an affordable price.

With its 4G feature and tiny size of the device, you can explore the country while carrying light and useful device to keep you always online.

The device user also has an advantage by being able to look to data-consuming in your phone or PC.

My Webspot download speeds are up to 100 Mbps. It’s considered fast if we compare it to the mobile WiFi hotspot device standard.

This device also has 8 hours of battery life and able to connect with 5 devices in one time.

If you are interested in renting the device, you can order it from their website and the device will arrive in your location.

There’s also terms of payment like paying the shipping back fee at once included in the order.

Why We Need to Use Mobile WiFi Hotspot When International Travel

We have to say that when you travel to another country, you must adjust the essential things in there.

In Singapore, you can drink clean water from public places tap. You only need to prepare the drinking places and fill it with the flowing water from the tap.

It’s done, and you can refill anytime you want. Otherwise, you need to pay for a high amount of money if you insist to buy mineral water from the store, and the only mineral water they sell is a premium one.

It goes the same as the internet. If you are travelling to another country, you need to adjust the things they work there.

You can change your previous SIM card with the country’s SIM card, you can rent the mobile WiFi hotspot, or you can buy the mobile WiFi hotspot to not wasting again your money on renting.

That’s up to you. But the important point that you need to underline is you need to adjust your necessity in the country you went travelling.

Because of that, all we can say is we need to use mobile WiFi hotspot when travelling internationally to make our activities easier. From upload some story in social media to completing an urgent job and contacting people in our country.

By mobile WiFi hotspot, at least you can reduce the expenses when you are travelling.

It’s more efficient if you came with 2 – 3 people. You can divide the mobile WiFi hotspot expenses with people that come with you.

How To Use Mobile WiFi Hotspot for International Travel?

Since it doesn’t require any electric socket and cable, the mobile WiFi hotspot can be connected easily to your phone or PC.

You can turn on the mobile WiFi hotspot first, then wait for 1 – 3 minutes until it performs well.

After that, you can open your phone and activate the WiFi using a symbol.

Choose the device’s name, put the right password, and now you can use the wireless internet connection from a mobile WiFi hotspot.

While connecting to your phone, you can also use the internet connection in your PC. Just find the network symbol in the bottom right corner.

Then, choose the device’s name and enter a password for mobile WiFi hotspot.

It’s important to take notes that the mobile WiFi hotspot energy source from the battery you need to recharge after it reaches the maximum hours.

The provider will give you cable for charge the mobile WiFi hotspot, so that can make you use again the device.

What Is The Best Pocket WiFi for International Travel?

Every country has different coverage and internet connection. Sometimes, you need to use 3G in a country that still uses that as the main internet connection. In another country, you have to use 4G because it performs well more than 3G or 5G.
That goes the same as the 5G. You need to know the prior internet connection in the country. You can search it through the internet or asking people you know that ever go to the country that you want to visit.
After all, the best pocket WiFi option for international travel goes to Skyroam Solis and TP-Link M7350. Their coverage is large, it can carry for 130+ countries internet connections. It also has massive speed that makes you feel satisfied when you use it.
Rather than looking mobile WiFi hotspot device from their price, you should look to the feature that they offer to you. From that, you will be able to know whether it’s worthy or not.

Can You Use A Mobile Hotspot Internationally?

Of course, yes. You can use the mobile hotspot internationally. Most of the mobile WiFi hotspot device even target foreigners or travelers because they need that to keep connected.
If you mean mobile hotspot from the smartphone, we guess it can be used while you go abroad, but there’s some limitation regarding the plans the provider have.
T-Mobile itself only let the user consume 1GB per month of mobile hotspot internationally.

What Is The Best Hotspot for Travel?

The best option depends on your necessity. If you are looking for high availability of connection, then you maybe choose Huawei E5788.
It’s all referred to something we need. But if you want to be fair, the best hotspot travel can be sorted into criteria.
For the overall best hotspot travel, it goes to Skyroam Solis. Thanks for its flexibility, the device becomes the best hotspot.
For the portability and security, it goes to GlocalMe and Keepgo that always let the customer decide their own choice and make using WiFi is easy even in the place that they don’t know before

Which Mobile WiFi Device Is The Best?

With its feature, TP-Link 7350 become the best mobile WiFi device based on the feature and the convenience the company give.
It doesn’t have 5G technology, but the device enhances the 3G and 4G to the fullest.
Beside of that, Netgear Nighthawk also becomes the best mobile WiFi device because it resistance of battery-life.
The device can exceed usage above 1GB that we can conclude as special advantages in the device.

Deciding your mobile WiFi hotspot for international travel should be done carefully to remain a good experience of internet using outside your country.

The type of mobile WiFi hotspot and the cost that you need to spend may different, but it’s worth the way.

You can also compare it to another mobile WiFi hotspot from their coverage, pricing, and feature to pick the suitable one for you.

In that way, you can enjoy your travelling plan using the best mobile WiFi hotspot for international travel.

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