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Ethernet Not Working but Wifi is – How to Fix it?

If you find that your Ethernet not working but wifi is don’t get panic and stay calm.

You are in a condition many people have experienced and the good news is that you have numerous easy solutions to do.

The first thing to do in this situation is to turn off your wifi and see if your Ethernet really is not working.

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Turning off the wifi should solve this problem automatically if there are other deeper issues to solver.

Don’t worry of not getting the solution even after turning off the wifi because the other solutions are available to help you.

Reasons Why Ethernet Not Working but Wifi is

Before going down to the solutions, let’s take a little look of why the wifi is working, but the Ethernet is not.

Some possible causes are outdated and corrupt driver, wrong network configuration and damaged Ethernet cable.

The causes can be different from one another depending on what device you are using with the Ethernet.

If it is a pc or laptop, then it should be whether you are using windows or Mac.

These different systems will lead to different solutions since they may also have different sources of issues too.

Your Ethernet may not be set in the same Network and Internet Settings as your wifi, which is why it doesn’t work.

Enable the Local Area Connection of your network and it should solve your problem. This solution doesn’t work when you have a defective router that needs a replace.

To check it you can plug your Ethernet cable to a different port of your router. If it works, then the problem is on the router.

Bad or outdated cables can be the cause too. Replacing the cable will automatically solve the solution.

Another problem comes from the system or software of your computer or laptop.

To ensure what needs an update in your laptop you should do an update check first.

So there are some possibilities that can be the causes of why your Ethernet is not working.

They can come from anywhere depending on what device you are using. So, to solve this problem here are some tips you can do to get your Ethernet work normal again based on your device.

Ethernet Not Working but Wifi is Windows 10

1. Updating the Network Card Driver

Faulty network drivers can make your Ethernet not working because it does affect the whole performance of your PC or laptop. Update your drivers manually or using Driver Easy to solve this problem.

Driver Easy can be used without any network connection if you have downloaded Driver Easy Offline Scan Feature.

Using this app is much easier because it helps you to find the right driver that suits your laptop. It can recognize your system and choose what driver is compatible.

Whether you are using the Pro or the Free version, all of them are helpful in choosing the right driver you can download to update your system without having to take make your device at risk of downloading the wrong one.

2. Turning Off Antivirus

Antivirus software can be an interference to your Ethernet connection, so to seek if it is the cause, you can temporarily turn off the software.

Uninstall your antivirus if it does interrupt your Ethernet connection. You can try a different antivirus that will not distract your internet connection.

While you are disabling your antivirus, be more careful in every site and email you open since you are now unguarded.

3. Checking Hardware and Operating System Issues

If some basic troubleshooting doesn’t work out for you, then your problem may be in the hardware or operating system. Check to find which one by setting up a Live Linux disc.

If it works, then the problem is on the operating system. If it doesn’t, then it is your hardware. Hardware problems should be left to the professional because it requires specific skills in fixing computers.

4. Running Troubleshooter

To help you find the best solution on your Ethernet, you can run a troubleshooter through your window.

Click the Windows key and “I” key together on your keyboard to open the Settings. Choose Update & Security.

You will see a Troubleshoot option on the left pane, click it. Choose Additional Troubleshooters and click Internet Connections.

There will be a box saying Run Troubleshooter, click it. By clicking it your computer is working to detect any connection issue and fix it.

Try to open your browser and see whether or not your Ethernet has become better.

5. Resetting Ethernet Adapter

This is a simple troubleshooting that mostly works when your Ethernet issue is not a complex one.

By resetting the adapter, all the configuration glitch can be properly removed to let the Ethernet connect to your windows again.

Ethernet not Working but Wifi is Mac

1. Checking for the Latest Update

Your failed Ethernet connection can be caused by your outdated Mac version. To know whether or not you need an update, check what is your current update installed.

Hold the Option key down and choose System Information located in the Apple menu. Choose Software and click Installation option.

Find out the information of the software by clicking the Software Name. You will be displayed with a list and you can choose Incompatible Kernel Extension Configuration Data.

The latest version of your Mac should be 3.28.2. If it is 3.28.1 then you need an update for fixing your Ethernet problem.

2. Creating a New Connection

Try to create new connection with your Mac by selecting the Apple menu and click System Preferences. Choose network and there will be a small box named Location with a drop of up and down.

Select the drop down and choose Edit Location. Click the icon + at the bottom and add the name of your location, for example, home.

Select this new location and ensure it is at the top. Click Apply at the bottom and you are automatically connected to your new location.

3. Checking the Ethernet Cable

Sometimes the problem come from the outside, not the inside. So it is better to check the Ethernet cable and make sure it is in a good condition.

If it is good, then make sure that the cable is securely connected either to the rear or the side of your Mac.

The other side of the cable should be also connected to the router or modem to deliver the wifi signal. 

A simple checking is required to detect if the tiniest issue since it also leads to a bigger one like your Ethernet won’t connect to your Mac.

Ethernet not Working but Wifi is on TV

1. Resetting Your Router

Although this is such a classic troubleshooting, it works many times and it saves you time as well.

When you find that your smart tv can’t connect to the Ethernet, leaving the router for around 10 seconds to off will help removing the bugs and memory leaks that distract your Ethernet issue.

Resetting the router allows it to start again from the beginning without any bugs. Since this is a smart TV and not a laptop or PC, this simple troubleshooting should have worked well.

2. Checking the Cable and Router

Check your Ethernet cable to ensure it is properly plugged in to your smart TV. If it is, check your router and ensure it is on.

This simple checking will work a lot because it easy to do. By doing such little checking first you will not put yourself stuck in troubleshooting this issue deeper.

3. Plugging the Cable to a Different Port

A faulty router can be the cause of disconnected Ethernet to your smart TV. To check it you can unplug your Ethernet cable and try to plug it again in a different port of your router.

If it works in a different spot, then you may need to replace your router.

However, if you don’t really use the other port of your router, then keeping it like this temporarily is just fine until you are able replacing your router later.

After learning some ways to troubleshoot your Ethernet connection issue, you will find that there are some similarities in fixing the problem in Mac, Windows or Smart TV.

You need to pay attention to the Ethernet cable and adapter first and ensure they are in a good condition.

Later you should check how the cable connect to your device and it is applied in all devices above.

The classic way to reset the adapter and unplug the cable will also work well in fixing the Ethernet connection issue for all devices connected to it.

The difference is in Mac and Windows you have different settings, systems and hardware that need to be updated in a different way as well while your Smart TV usually doesn’t have such feature.

So when you find that your Ethernet not working but wifi is, always check on the condition of the Ethernet first since this is possibly where the problem comes from.

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