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How to Change My Spectrum WiFi Password

Lots of Spectrum user still wonder how to change my spectrum WiFi password. It’s basic knowledge, but people still don’t know how to operate when you want to change your WiFi password.

In some occasions, you may need to change your WiFi password to the new and stronger password. There could be reasons why people try to make the new WiFi password in their house.

Today, there is a trick to break into someone WiFi. It’s an easy thing since the hacker knows what’s to weaken the security.

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Other than that, they also have wireless cracking tools that can be found in the online market. It’s kind of disgraceful act and it could lead to the disturbing condition.

Practically speaking, they’re trying to take what’s yours without asking. To prevent that, you may want to change your WiFi password and make it uncrackable.

Why We Change WiFi Password

Before you know how to change the Spectrum WiFi password, you have to know first about Spectrum as the provider who offers wireless connection.

Founded in America, Spectrum became the infamous and common-use network provider.

Charter Communications, the Spectrum company then acquired Time Warner Table for expanding their network coverage.

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As a result of expanding, Spectrum becomes second-largest cable internet provider in America.

They also giving internet connection for that area that previously served by Time Warner Cable.

Spectrum also called as Charter Spectrum in many users. They also have a various internet plan that ranges from standard one to extra options.

There are Spectrum Internet, Spectrum Ultra Internet, and Spectrum Internet Gig.

For the Spectrum Internet plan, the users are allowed to download with the speed up to 200 Mbps.

It’s pretty fast for the standard plan because most of the network provider limit their download speed at 150 Mbps – 180 Mbps.

As for the Spectrum Internet Ultra, user can experience download speed up to 400 Mbps and make their job complete easily.

And for the Spectrum Internet Gig, you can have yourself to download with the speed up to 940 Mbps.

Knowing that Spectrum does have incredible speed, you have to understand that the wireless connection is on the list of the prey for the hacker.

With stealing your private connection, they don’t need to buy the internet package. It’s indeed sorted as one of the cybercrimes, which is stealing people’s belonging without asking.

This situation is oftentimes hard to realize because we don’t know a sign of our internet connection being used by other people.

Therefore, you need to know the security system that formed in your wireless connection.

It’s also important to change your password to a stronger one to avoid the hacker consuming your private internet connection.

Another reason why you have to be aware of this is that when your security system broke, there’s a possibility they know your private data. This endangers your confidential information.

1. Understanding the WiFi Security System

In a wireless connection, there is a security system to keep your connection private. The security system divided into 4 types.

There are WEP Protocol, WPA Protocol, WPA2 Protocol, and WPA3 Protocol. Each protocol has its feature.

Start from WEP where this protocol is the least secure WiFi security system. It’s understandable because WEP found in 1997 and that’s automatically irrelevant with modern technology.

For the WPA, the protocol has a 128-bit key that keeping your connection from a message sent by the hacker.

The Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) make the outsider hard to break the security code and walls.

The WPA is much better than the previous version. As time goes by, the WPA then developed its successor named WPA2 and change TKIP with CCMP that able to performing data encryption.

Later, WPA2 become most use wireless connection security system because of the system able to prevent hacker crack the security walls.

In 2019, the WPA3 released as the rampant cybercrime happens in lots of countries. With the new format of CCMP, the encryption process are faster than before.

That makes the WiFi can read whether it’s outsider device or private device.

2. What’s Make WiFi Security System Weak?

In 2018, it’s said in the USA, most of the WiFi router got infected from outside country malware.

That resulting data to be leaked and that makes the WiFi security system weak. The main reason for this infected WiFi router is because of the inability of the system to create complex encryption system.

Also, the outsiders may have better technology to create malware so the connection and data are corrupted.

Besides it got infected by malware, the WiFi security system can be weak because of the outdated version of the WiFi security system.

As we told before, there are 4 types of WiFi security system. The more modern your device, you should use a more up-to-date version of the WiFi security system.

If you don’t use the newer version, the hackers will go to your connection easily because of the simple encryption that provides by the WiFi provider.

Another reason why your WiFi security system is weak maybe because you don’t pay attention to the password and the username.

Hacker has thousands of method on discovering your username and password just by tinkering it.

The most common problem is people feel confident with their username and password. Even though, the username and password aren’t hard enough to be guessed.

3. How to Know That Our WiFi Connection Stolen?

The first sign to appear is when you feel your download or internet connection become slower than usual.

Logically thinking, the more person uses the same internet connection, the narrower the bandwidth.

Moreover, if your WiFi package plan is standard, the speed may reach the limit that has been determined.

It’s possible if other people use it, especially when the condition continues in 1 until 2 weeks.

Besides that, you can also check your device list by log into your router’s administrative console website.

To know the device list, you can enter the IP address and in the column that has been provided by the website.

You can search your IP address by press the Win+R and then type “cmd” also “ipconfig”.

Enter the command and you can find the IP address next to the “Default address” or “IPV4 address”.

You can also search it on Mac by finding the System Preference and choose Network. After that, try to look for long numbers under the “Status” or click Advance to TCP/ICP and take the number beside the “IPV4 Address”.

Then, open the browser to enter the IP address to connect with your router. If you haven’t changed your default settings,

we recommend you to change your password and admin username right after you log in to your router to prevent the hacker’s attack.

To know the precise list of an outsider that use your WiFi connection, you can rely on it to the monitoring software tools.

The MoochHunter may help you to uncover the hacker who disturbs your convenience.

This part of free Organizational Systems Wireless Auditor (OSWA) let you track the WiFi hacker.

 It can find out the hacker from discovering their location by analyzing the traffic they deliver with their network.

How to Change WiFi Password?

You can change your WiFi password with lots of ways. Each provider gives the proper facility to check your WiFi password and change it.

For the evident information, we will give you the explanation step by step:

  1. Write your router’s configuration page. You can access it through your phone or PC and then go to the browser. The standard router address or IP address are or You can also check it by doing some command to your PC just like we told you before.
  2. Then, fill your router’s name and password to the column that has been provided. If you haven’t changed it, the router’s name may be “admin” or “userAdmin” and the password is your current WiFi password. If you forget the new username and password, you can press the router start button and wait for it for 30 seconds. Then, you can enter the previous admin and password.
  3. Choose the Wireless section and click that. It can be “Wireless” or “Wireless Settings/Setup”. If there are sub-option, choose the “Wireless Security”
  4. Change the password. After clicking the right option, you can change your password into your new one. In some router’s page, the password stated as “passphrase”. Then, you can fill your new password. Don’t forget to choose a strong one.
  5. Look at your security types. If it’s already WPA2, you can change the password to WPA/WPA2 mixed mode. Wait for 5 minutes and change it to WPA2 again. To be remembered, don’t ever change the WiFi security types to WPE. The WPE is vulnerable, it even only takes time under 30 minutes to break the WPE security system.
  6. Change your network name (SSID). Make sure your network name doesn’t include any personal information. And then, save the settings.

How to Change My Charter Spectrum WiFi Password?

There are 2 ways to how to change my Charter Spectrum WiFi password. It’s just like the most WiFi router, but you have to know it well so you don’t hesitate.

You can check your Charter Spectrum WiFi password through PC or phone.

Just in case you need a recommendation, we suggest you open the page in PC browser for a more secure connection.

Check out on how to change your Charter Spectrum WiFi password.

Change it From Your Network Router

First, write down the IP address that already on the back of your router. Then, browse it. If it’s said your connection is not private, you can click “advanced” and “proceed to…” in the left bottom corner.

After that, enter your username and password for WiFi router, not WiFi connection.

Change the connection into an advanced one, then choose 2.4GHz or GHz WiFi panel.

Click the “Basic” tab, then enter a new username and password. The last step, then choose to apply in the right bottom corner.

Change it From Your Online Account

It’s simpler than before. Open the browser and type When the website displayed, enter your username and password for sign in. Click “Services” and choose “Internet”.

After that, click “Manage Network” and you will be able to enter your new username and password.

Don’t forget to hit “save” and you are free to use your WiFi password with strong security.

How to Logging Into Spectrum Router?

Before you logging into Spectrum router, you need to prepare setup of the equipment like internet modem and router, an ethernet cable, two-way splitter, power cord, two coaxial cables, and the book of instructions.

Then, connect your modem to the cable outlet and put the power cable to the modem.

Pick your ethernet cable to connect the modem to router and set the power cord to the router.

Start your Spectrum router, then connect the device to the internet. To establish an internet connection, you need to register your router and create your Spectrum account.

After that, you can change your WiFi router username and password by following the same steps as we already said in how to change your Charter Spectrum WiFi password above.

Tips on Create Secure WiFi Password

When creating a password, make sure you put at least a capital letter, a symbol, and numbers.

This combination of the password is needed to secure your WiFi connection. Besides that, you also need to enter at least 8 characters of the password.

The fewer characters will make your WiFi password unsafe and easy to guess, so you need to decide whether you put 8 characters for the password or more.

Don’t ever use personal information. The hacker will easily realize it.

An internet connection becomes an important thing as people use it every day. From job matter to entertainment, it all depends on the availability of an internet connection.

When some people try to steal that, indeed, they stole your private data, using things that not belong to them and the action considered as cybercrime act.

Always secure your WiFi password and check it regularly. Hope this article about how to change my Spectrum WiFi password help you.

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