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How to Connect Computer to Wifi Without Cable

You can find the answer of how to connect computer to wifi without cable by reading this article!

Every of you may agree that internet has become the important part of our life and that makes us have to stay connected.

Nearly every practical device is being updated and wiring requirements will be removed.

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Not every PC has a WiFi option. You have to add it traditionally by using an Ethernet Cable.

But still, you can connect your computer to wifi without cable!

How to connect computer to wifi without cable?

1. Connecting computer to wifi without cable using USB Wifi adapters

The USB WiFi adapter can be a great choice for you to enable easy connection.

It only takes a few minutes for you to establish a connection and then use the product without any problems at all.

A USB WiFi adapter is usually a small device. You can connect this device to a PC externally, without any complications.

You can be easily configured and start using hassle-free internet browsing next.

However, before you start doing the work, first you need to configure the USB WiFi adapter with PC and Network.

You can follow the steps below to solve it easily.

Connect the USB WiFi adapter to the PC and enter the driver package. You need to install the driver package completely and then get to work.

Once done, you need to open the Settings wizard and then name your USB WiFi adapter.

Set a login password and then you will be allowed to search for available WiFi networks.

Just tap on the available network and then enter the link password to gain access to your Modem Router.

Click save settings to allow your PC to be automatically configured with the device from now on.

Note: The USB WiFi adapter which is easy to configure is available in the market with a lower price.

You may not need much work for it but you can easily buy it from any local shop along with the driver package saying WiFi Stick for PC or USB WiFi adapter.

2. Connecting computer to wifi without cable using PCI-e wifi adapters

The PCI-e WiFi adapter is the best for connectivity. If you’ve always wanted high-speed internet to work for you, there’s nothing better than a PCI-e WiFi adapter.

In particular, they will provide you with the same speed and connectivity as an internal WiFi card.

Compared to USB adapters, PCI-e WiFi adapters tend to perform a little better and can provide you with a stable connection even from longer distances.

In terms of design, the PCI-e WiFi adapter has two antennas which can easily provide you with strong connectivity.

The PCI-e WiFi adapter is slightly more expensive than a regular WiFi adapter due to its hardware specifications.

However, to use it properly, you may have to install a PCI-e WiFi adapter to your system. In order to get it done properly, you can follow the steps below.

Start by turning on your PC and then opening the cabinet. Now, you need to find an empty slot to install the PCI-e WiFi adapter.

You can place the place the PCI-e WiFi adapter after remove the plate once you have it in place.

You need to add a network card with an adapter and then place it with the device.

After you done with it, now you can secure the card to the case.

You need to get a driver for a suitable PCI-e WiFi adapter on your PC and store it on Drive C.

TIP: Before you buy a PCI-e WiFi adapter for your PC, make sure that the adapter hardware specifications are compatible with your PC and OS.

You can check the specifications and RAM support as well so that it runs smoothly and without delay.

3. Connecting computer to wifi without cable using wifi-enabled motherboard

There will be the easiest option to connect to your wifi when you have a WiFi enabled Motherboard for your PC.

You can do it by getting an upgrade to your PC. So, if you are thinking of upgrading this could be the ideal option for you to choose.

This is a great way to get the most out of your network connectivity and possibly the fastest way possible.

You can do the same for your PC since most of the laptops already have a WiFi-enabled Motherboard.

However, the cost of buying a WiFi-enabled Motherboard is much more expensive than buying external hardware and installing it.

If you are looking for a stable connection as well as fast internet browsing, this could be the ideal way.

WiFi enabled motherboards have the built-in capacity to directly search or find out the available discoverable networks for your PC.

But for this you need to reformat the PC. This is because most of the program memory will be lost whenever you are installing the WiFi-enabled Motherboard.

For this reason, you may have to keep a backup in external device so you can get back the data.

This would make you have to install the OS to retrieve the data whenever you bring in the new Motherboard.

Note: having a WiFi-enabled Motherboard means you need some RAM space. The PC processor may work slowly at times because of this, but the signal will not break.

You also need to know that Motherboard may get heated easily due to overload. This makes it very important to have a cooler installed with your PC.

That can help your processor to run faster without compromising the signal strength.

4. Connecting wifi to computer without cable using Wifi Card

It is quite similar to having the PCI-e adapter to be installed on your Motherboard with this Wifi card.

Just the same like the external hardware devices, the WiFi Card is budget-friendly for you to buy and also very compact.

You can easily buy this Wireless Card for Desktop PC as an alternative if you do not want to upgrade your system.

You just need to make sure that the card is compatible with your Motherboard and runs well with your PC.

First, open up the cabinet, then locate the slot and install the WiFi Card, use the available PCI-e slots.

You can follow the easy steps below to Install the WiFi Card:

Open the cabinet up and try to find out the PCI-e slot. After that, you can just insert the WiFi Card after you open up the slot cover.

Next, place the WiFi Card in the right direction and tighten the slot to the proper place by screw.

If you done with the placement, then you need to insert the driver CD and install the drivers then.

After you done with it, next you need to boot up the computer to make sure that it starts up.

Start your PC again and you may see the wizard which will connect you with the WiFi driver.

TIP: you must cautiously place the WiFi Card to the PCI-e slot for the first time.

This is because the PCI-e slot is too fragile, so when you are applying extra force or not placing it properly then it may break the card slot.

How to connect computer to wifi without cable windows 7

Special for you who are using windows 7, you can connect your computer to wifi without cable by following the steps below.

You may start by go to the Start Menu and select Control Panel first.

After that, Click the Network and Internet category and then select Networking and Sharing Center.

on the left-hand side you can see an option and from this you can select Change adapter settings.

Next, Right-click on the icon for Wireless Connection and click enable to allow you connecting to a WiFi network from the Network and Sharing center.

How to connect computer to wifi without cable windows 10

How about you who are using windows 10? Still, you can connect computer to your wifi without cable!

You just have to follow the steps below.

You can start by Opening the Control Panel.

After that, Click on Network and Internet and next click on Network and Sharing Center.

After this you can select the option of Manually connect to a wireless after you click the option of Set up a new connection or network link.

Now you can enter the network SSID name after click the Next button.

How was it? So many alternatives you can choose, right?

Those are some alternative ways you can choose if you are curious on how to connect computer to wifi without cable.

If you are following one of the ways, make sure to consider the notes and follow the tips that we have provided in this article.

We hope this article can help you a lot in order to keep connected to your wifi. Just choosing the ways that suites your condition the most!

Good luck, and if you have any problem, write some comment!

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