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How to Increase Wifi Speed 54 mbps in Laptop or Android

In the time when going online is a part of a lifestyle, experiencing slow internet connection can distract our daily activities.

Whether you find it while using laptop or android mobile, none of them will make you feel comfortable especially when you just need it the most.

How to increase wifi speed 54 mbps is possible as long as your device is well supported.

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There are several factors that influence the speed of your wifi network so you need to start by analyzing the problem first.

How to Increase Wifi Speed 54 mbps: Before Getting Started

Before going down to learn how to increase your wifi connection, you need to firstly understand that there are different bandwidth capabilities used in routers and it might limit your speed.

Both router and computer have a wireless network adapter that are usually designed in three different categories, they are represented with letters “b”, “g” and “n”.

The letter is used to inform you the bandwidth limit the router or laptop can reach. b letter means that the maximum speed you can reach is up to 11 Mbps and the letter g means the device can reach up to 54 Mbps meanwhile the letter n shows that maximum speed reaching up to 300 Mbps.

Newer devices also have a new standard in bandwidth capability allowing you to go up to 1331 Mbps and it is represented with letters “ac”.

According to these categories, you can’t just increase your internet connection into 54 Mbps if your device doesn’t accommodate it.

You need to ensure that both the router and computer are in the same bandwidth category to successfully increase the speed.

You can even go over 300 Mbps if your devices allow you to do that. So ensure that you have supported devices before going further.

If you realize that your computer adapter is rated “b”, you can just simply updating it. There are many options of wireless network adapters to choose from so you can maximally increase the bandwidth.

If you give the computer an update, then the router should be treated the same way because these two devices must have the same bandwidth to reach the same speed.

While for the router, you just need to update the firmware manually if you are using the old one since the old devices usually don’t have an automatic-update feature like the newer ones.

Access the website of the router to do the update and get a maximum speed of internet connection.

How to Increase Wifi Speed in Laptop

Some simple steps above might not be really helpful if you have certain other issues related with your laptop because sometimes the problem of slow internet connection is not only on the limited bandwidth. Here are some useful tips to get you out of this problem.

Using a Signal Booster

If you are like some people who don’t like performing ay modifications to a router since it is a kind of a daunting task, then you can just go to a simpler option: using software.

There are some options of software to choose from to allow you boosting your wifi signal.

There are some different features offered by different software, so you can consider what you really need the most.

The good thing about this type of software is that you can have faster internet connection and you can also limit the bandwidth for other devices in your home to let you get more speed.

Using a Wifi Extender

A simple problem like a blind spot can trigger a bigger one like slow internet connection when you are using wifi. It is sad, but it is a fact.

When wifi always limits you with a certain distance and space, the solution is as simple as using a wifi extender.

Just like its name, a wifi extender is used to expand the wifi capabilities in accommodating more devices and covering more areas.

Depending on what wifi expander software you are using, you can have up to 15 people using the same wifi network without interruption and enjoy the good signal even if you are 2000 square feet away from the router.

Placing the Laptop Near the Router

Before doing those two tips above, you can actually just move closer to your router and it will always give you a better signal as long as there are no interruptions.

Obstacles like walls and stairs can be the culprits of limited internet speed. So if there is no problem both in the router and laptop, then simply moving closer to the router will always be the best solution.

Shutting Down Some Programs

If moving closer to your router doesn’t give you any change in the internet speed, then you should check your computer to see if there are some programs consuming large bandwidth is opening.

Some programs like cloud services require large bandwidth to run. Letting open will surely slow down your internet connection.

The situation is getting worse if there are other people using the wifi and they are watching movies or downloading big files.

If this is the problem, you can have steadier and faster connection after shutting them down.

Restarting Devices

Both the router and laptop can be restarted if none of the things above going well to you. By rebooting the router, the device will be reset and it is supposed to be better in performance later.

Rebooting router for 30 seconds is such a popular solution for a faster internet connection so you can try it out.

It also happens to your laptop since rebooting will remove everything that might clogging up inside.

When the device is getting fresh after restarting then it can accommodate a faster internet connection without any programs running in the background.

How to Increase Wifi Speed in Android Mobile

Not only in laptop, but you can also experience slow wifi connection while using your android mobile. Many times people will always put the blame to the ISP, but this is not the only problem.

There are many things that might be happening inside your android mobile that you don’t realize they slow down the internet connection.

Here are some easy things to do to get your wifi connection stable and fast.

Updating Apps

It seems have nothing to do with internet connection, but sometimes outdated apps can slow down the internet connection because they don’t have new features.

Try to update the apps that you still use and remove all the apps you no longer use.

Updating apps can help you improve your android mobile’s performance and it results in a better internet connection.

Updating Android and Firmware

More than just updating your mostly-used applications, you need to update your android to the latest version too to enjoy its best performance in accessing internet connection.

The firmware should get an update too since it influences how your mobile phone receiving data connection from wifi.

Don’t forget to update your browser as you mostly use it to explore the internet and it will always serve the best in its latest version.

Removing Phone Case

A simple thing like removing a phone case sometimes can be a good solution for enjoying faster wifi connection.

It is good to get your phone case all covered and protected from scratch and debris, but some materials of the phone case might contain metal that distract the wifi signal.

To check if there is something wrong with the case, you can do a test using an app first.

Test your internet connection with and without the phone case and see if there is any difference. The result will tell you what you have to do next.

Switching to the Router’s Band

If your device is running in 6.0 android version or older, you can switch the band of your phone similar to the band of your router.

So if your router works on 5 GHz band then you can go to the “Wifi settings” and set the “Wifi Frequency Band” into “Auto” to allow the device working on the same band.

Use an app if you have newer android version since this option is no longer available.

Aside from improving your laptop and android mobile performance, there are some things to do to let you enjoy your steady wifi connection.

Changing your wifi password frequently will work since some irresponsible people out there are might taking an advantage of using your wifi connection without you knowing and it makes your internet connection getting slow.

If it is possible, put your router in the best spot that allow you using it anywhere in the house without any obstacles.

There are some software available that help you choosing the right spot for a router.

Don’t put too much burden on the devices you are using because it will make them too tired to just receive the internet connection from your wifi. How to Increase wifi speed 54 Mbps is actually easy as long as you know what problem you are facing right now.

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