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How to Solve WiFi Symbols with Exclamation Point

It’s hard to deal with Wi-Fi symbols with exclamation point nowadays.

Many public places, such as restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions, restaurants, shopping centers, shops, houses, and others already have WiFi networks that make it easy for many mobile devices or laptops to connect to the internet.

WiFi networks make it easy to connect multiple devices at once to use the internet connection.

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The distance and scope that can be reached by WiFi are quite wide so that it can accommodate the internet needs of many people.

But sometimes, an exclamation mark appears on the WiFi icon on a connected device that automatically can’t connect us to the internet.

Many factors cause these signs to appear. And maybe you have experienced problems when you are trying to connect the wifi connection you have,

the problem is that the wifi doesn’t want to connect at all to your laptop or cellphone.

Many problems cause wifi can’t be connected can find out the cause of the problem.

First, you can see the Wi-Fi icon at the lower right corner of your laptop, or on your phone screen notification.

If the wifi sign is yellow and there is an exclamation mark, you can conclude there is a problem with your device.

But if you think there is no problem with the device you have, maybe there is a slight problem with the network connection you are using, please check it carefully.

Indeed, this problem is often experienced by laptop users, for how to solve the problem, it’s very easy and doesn’t even take a long time.

However, it cannot be ascertained that the problem you are experiencing.

Before we discuss how to solve the problem, we must know the cause of the exclamation point first.

It can be caused by various factors as follows.

Reasons Why WiFi Has Exclamation Signs

Why is there an exclamation point on my Wi-Fi?

Maybe you’ve been questioning this all time when your see the exclamation point in your laptop screen.

These are some reason This is one of many ways how to remove exclamation mark on mobile networks and laptop.

Your Internet Network Slows Down

What causes the Wi-Fi icon on the laptop or smartphone to display an exclamation mark is when you use a Wi-Fi network at home non-stop, the internet network may slow down or disconnect after a few days.

After the sign appears, usually the internet doesn’t want to be connected at all.

For this reason, you can restart your Wi-Fi device and router so your internet network can recover and the exclamation mark on the WiFi icon can disappear.

However, if the internet network isn’t connected after the restart, then you can contact the customer service operator of the internet service you are using for more information.

Your Phone or Laptop Problem

If you have restarting the Wi-Fi there is still an exclamation mark on the WiFi icon on your device and then it might be that your laptop or phone is having a problem.

All you have to do; you can restart the device so that WiFi remains connected.

It could be that the WiFi on your device is only having a slight system problem.

But if the components of your Wi-Fi Device are damaged, then you have to contact customer service so they can be helped you with the Wi-Fi device repair

Using a dedicated Proxy, IP and DNS

Usually, if you are connected to WiFi in a public place, then you need an ID and password that is entered on a special page that appears in the browser.

However, if both are not included, WiFi will display an exclamation mark on the WiFi icon on your laptop or smartphone screen.

This is can be done by the WiFi provider so public people don’t use their internet connection carelessly.

For this reason, you need to get an ID and password to get internet access and remove the exclamation mark.

At restaurants, hotels, or tourist attractions, you usually have to buy something to be allowed to use WiFi.

However, some places provide free internet access by announcing IDs, passwords, and WiFi names that can be accessed

You Haven’t entered the Wi-Fi ID and Password

In a campus or hotel environment, the IT Support team has set up Wi-Fi using a specific IP, Proxy, or DNS.

If you don’t make these settings, an exclamation mark will automatically appear on the Wi-Fi icon on your laptop or smartphone, which indicates there is no internet network.

When it happens to you, you need to ask IT Support to get the Proxy or IP data used on the network on the environment.

In other words, not everyone can access the Wi-Fi because usually only students, permanent lecturers, campus and hotel employees, and hotel guests know it.

Actually, not only campuses and hotels, offices, and other places can also implement this system.

So that the network is actually can only be used by certain people in the environment.

5. Specific Device can be Used by Specific Wi-Fi Only

When activating the Wi-Fi menu, you will find certain networks that are most likely protected and not.

When you connect your device to an unprotected Wi-Fi, an exclamation mark will definitely appear.

If you aren’t told to enter your ID and password in the browser, Then it is likely that the Wi-Fi has been set up only for certain devices that have been registered by the owner.

In other words, you can’t connect to the internet with that Wi-Fi and have to find another network to connect with.

How to Solve Exclamation Marks on Laptop Wi-Fi

Here are some ways that you can use to overcome the exclamation mark on Wi-Fi.

Please try the following one by one until you get the best results, here’s how to fix it:

1. Check the Wi-Fi Hardware on the Laptop

If some of the steps doesn’t work there may be an error in the hardware driver on your laptop, please try the following methods.

First, please open My computer, right-click and select the “Manage” menu, then please select “Device Manager” and see the “Network Adapter” menu.

Next, you should uninstall the Wi-Fi hardware (the hardware is installed automatically by the driver system, but if you are not sure you can skip this tutorial).

In the next step, right-click three times and choose to uninstall, if you get a warning you could just hit ok and continue.

 If the uninstall process is successful, the Wi-Fi driver will be lost in your laptop.

In the next step, right-click on “Network Adapter” and you can select “Scan for Hardware Changes” so the hardware that you uninstalled earlier will be downloaded automatically to your laptop.

After the download has been successfully downloaded, please check if the exclamation mark has disappeared if the process is complete.

2. Update your IP Address

The easiest steps for you to do is by updating your previous IP address, there may be an error on the IP you are using so that it interferes with Wi-Fi connectivity to your laptop.

The first step, please open CMD on your laptop, if you don’t know how to open it, you can press the “Windows + R” button, in the run column, please write CMD in the column and enter.

Next step, please type the “ipconfig /renew” command. This command is intended so you can get a new IP address.

And If the process goes well, the exclamation mark will disappear immediately

3. Enable Obtain an IP Address Automatically

Wi-Fi symbol with exclamation mark mac is really annoying.

If the first method can’t remove the exclamation mark icon on your laptop or mac, you should please follow this second method.

This some steps will activate the Obtain an IP Address Automatically menu,

To activate it, you need to enter the Control Panel. If you don’t find it, please press “Windows + R” and please enter “Control Panel” and enter it.

After entering the Control Panel menu, next please click “Network and Sharing”. And then please look for the “Wireless Network Connection” menu and click 2 times on the “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPV4)” menu.

After that, you will see your IP address in detail, and in the next step, click the “Obtain an IP Address Automatically” menu and click OK.

Now check on your Mac or laptop. You can see whether the exclamation mark has disappeared, if not you can continue to the third tutorial.

4. Change IP Address Manually

This is one of the ways how to remove exclamation mark on Wi-Fi laptop. the methods above can’t solve your unconnected Wi-Fi and the exclamation symbol, then you should follow this tutorial this time.

In these steps, you will be guided to change your IP address to the default IP address manually.

Please open the “Control Panel” again by clicking “Windows+R” on your keyboard and select “Network and Sharing Center”. In the next step, choose and select the “Change Adapter Settings” menu, and then please select “Wireless Network Connection”.

And then you can click 2 times on the menu “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPV4) and please select the” Properties “menu.

Then you will see a pop up where there is your IP Address column, then please fill in the column with the following IP Address.

For the IP Address enter

For the Subnet mask, you can input

For Default Gateway enter

You can put in the Preferred DNS server and for the Alternate DNS, enter

After finish it all please click the OK button.

5. Consult to Your Laptop Service Builder

If all the methods above don’t work on your laptop, then you should consult a service worker who is already an expert in this field.

Maybe there is some damage to your laptop system that you don’t know, so you should take your laptop for repair.

Please convey the problem with the exclamation mark on the Wi-Fi icon on your laptop and wait until the repair process is complete and make sure the exclamation symbols are gone.

That’s are some tips how to deal with exclamation marks on your laptop and phone.

We hope the tips could help you face and solve the problem you are experiencing. Please follow the steps above slowly and correctly so that you get the right results.

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