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How to Stop Wifi from Turning on Automatically on Android and iPhone

Having your wifi turning on automatically and keep you asking of how to stop wifi from turning on automatically on android is just as annoying as having it turning off automatically when you need it the most.

Sometimes, the use of data connection is better since wifi takes a lot of your battery. Turning off the wifi connection helps you save the battery power and make it stay longer.

However, wifi connection in both iPhone and android can turn on itself automatically without you knowing even when you have disabled the wifi option.

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Wifi connection can automatically connect to your previous wifi hotspot especially when the signal is strong.

Although you do need the internet for 24 hours, but getting your wifi connected when you don’t want to is surely frustrating.

The biggest reason of why your wifi turning on itself is actually the improper wifi settings.

There are also some other reasons, so you need to learn how to fix this problem by checking the solution.

How to Stop Wifi from Turning on Automatically on Android

1. Disabling the “Turn Off Wifi Automatically”

Your android wifi setting is designed to allow it connect to the previous wifi hotspot.

This is the default setting that you should change if you don’t want it to be automatically connected.

To disable this wifi setting, you need to go to the Network & Internet in your android, select wifi and click Wifi Preferences.

In this menu you can find a tab saying “Turn Off Wifi Automatically” that should be set off. You may be find another tab saying “Connect to Open Networks” that requires to be disabled too.

By setting these settings off you can now take over the control of your wifi and it won’t turn on itself automatically.

You will be the one who turns off and on the wifi manually whenever you want to connect it. It will help you a lot in saving battery.

2. Forgetting Saved Networks

One of the reasons why your wifi is turning on automatically is because your android has a feature for saving the previous networks you have used.

This feature is actually helpful because the next time you need to connect to your wifi you don’t have to re-entering again since it has recognized the previous wifi hotspots.

However, since some people just don’t like the idea of the wifi connecting itself, you just need to forget all the saved wifi networks in your android.

By forgetting there will be no saved wifi hotspots in your phone so your wifi setting will not connect to any wifi hotspot since there is no previous connections.

So if you asking why does my wifi keep turning on, it is because you give it a chance by letting the saved connections there staying in your phone.

How to Stop Wifi from Turning On Automatically on iPhone

1. Disabling Auto Join

Just like android phones, iPhone is also designed with a wifi feature that allows the device to automatically join the previous internet connections you were connected to. It frequently happens after upgrading your iOS into iOS 11.

If this is the problem, then you just need to disable the wifi setting. Go to the wifi settings on your iPhone and the display will show you the list of all wifi hotspots your iPhone have connected to in the past.

Choose one of them, or all if you want, by clicking the “i” button available at the right side of each name of connection.

Clicking the “i” button will lead you to another display with a slider to turn off and on each of the hotspot.

Turn off the “auto join” of any network you don’t want to connect to again. If later you get your mind changed you can turn on the “auto join” again.

If your iPhone using iOS 10 or older, you may not find this feature so you can just forget all the previous connections to prevent your phone connect to a wifi hotspot automatically.

2. Don’t Use the Control Center

One of the benefits of using iPhone is that you can enjoy the ease of the Control Center. This is a helpful menu that lets you access numerous features of the phone easily including the wifi setting.

You may think that you have turned off the wifi settings through the Control Center, but then you find that your wifi is connecting itself again. How could it be like that?

Turning off the wifi through the Control Center will only disconnect your wifi for a day or 24 hours.

The next day your wifi will connect itself again because this is actually is on in the background.

To check whether or not your wifi is running the background by go to the Settings menu, choose Turn Off Wifi and open settings and click Wifi to Check.

After clicking this menu, there will be a tab saying “Disconnecting Nearby Wifi until Tomorrow” this s a sign that your wifi is not really disconnected.

It is just off for a day and it will be back again tomorrow. It means your wifi is still connected in the background and you are just temporarily disconnecting it.

To turn your wifi entirely, go to the wifi settings again to turn the toggle off. Turning off the wifi entirely will stop your wifi from connecting itself, which is a good thing, but a bad one as well because you may miss a strength wifi signal you need the most when your data connection is low.

So, why do the Control Center not work in disconnecting wifi?

It is just designed that way because your phone is actually not supposed to be separated from wifi connection for too long. 

Some features like Apple Watch, AirPlay and AirDrop requires wifi to be used. Without the use of wifi those services can’t properly serve you solutions.

This actually makes sense why the manufacturer doesn’t make the Control Center a space for turning off the wifi entirely since the devices needs it a lot.

3. Using WIFI Assist

Since the Control Center doesn’t help much in disconnecting your wifi entirely, you can actually just use the Wifi Assist to stop your iPhone from connecting to a poor wifi connection. This menu can be found in Mobile Data option inside your Settings.

After clicking the Mobile Data you will find the Wifi Assist. By enabling this feature your wifi setting will only connection to a hotspot with a strong signal.

Whenever there is a poor wifi connection even if it is saved in your wifi settings, your iPhone won’t connect.

This feature is helpful because it chooses the best wifi connection for you. It is not just connecting to any saved network, but it considers the signal quality very much.

To think about it again, the Control Center is actually great for helping you with the wifi setting.

Since it only disables the wifi setting for a day, then you can just use your wifi in the next day without doing any change in the setting.

This menu is very useful when you are just in a place that you don’t want your iPhone to connect to any Bluetooth or wifi.

Your device will be protected from any harm due to the wifi connection at least a day. The next day you can already use the wifi setting back to normal again without having to turn it on.

How to stop wifi from turning on automatically iPhone is quite easy because everything is just related to the wifi setting.

By making some changes to the setting depending on your need will help you solve this problem.

It is true that when your device is connecting to wifi automatically you will be happy since you can explore the internet faster and better.

However, there is a time when you don’t want to connect to any wifi because you know the router is far so the signal is poor.

Letting your phone connecting to wifi in that situation is frustrating because your internet may be so slow since the data connection is automatically switch to a poor wifi connection.

As a result, you can’t even comfortably use the internet although you have been connecting to wifi.

Moreover some wifi connection you don’t know may contain malware and virus. If your wifi connection is just freely connecting to any open network it detects, then your device will be risky from any malware too.

So how do I keep my wifi from turning on automatically?

Just change the setting. You can explore the wifi setting menu in your android or iPhone and you will always find some options for you to change and set depending on your need.

How to stop wifi from turning on automatically on android is easier than having to stop the wifi from turning off.

When your wifi is automatically connected to a network it means that your wifi features are all good.

Don’t get too much worry and adjust every setting in the menu to let you get the wifi setting that you want.

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