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How to Tell if Someone is Using Your WiFi

Of course, we really need food, but now Wi-Fi is no exception. The need for communication and obtaining information globally in this globalization era has encouraged us to access the internet more frequently.

One way to access the internet, of course, is to have a connection, for example from Wi-Fi. However, sometimes the Wi-Fi we use at home is slow.

Did you know that it doesn’t always mean that you need a new router?

Yes, it could be that someone has stolen your connection.

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Fortunately, in this article you can find out how to detect this happening and how to block them from accessing your Wi-Fi.

Here is how to tell if someone is using your Wi-Fi.

How to tell if someone is using your Wi-Fi by Using an app

Before we review detection methods using apps, you need to know a simple way to detect someone has stolen your Wi-Fi.

You can do this by checking your Wi-Fi activity.

Wireless routers generally have flashing lights that indicate Wi-Fi is being used.

You can try disconnecting from any device, including smart TVs and consoles with Wi-Fi.

Look, if the light is still flicking then it is likely that someone has stolen your Wi-Fi.

This method is too complicated and not many people like to do it. Therefore, various applications offer interesting ideas to help solve this problem.

You can choose which application suits what you want. Here are 6 applications that can help you find out the answer of who is on my WiFi.

1. Wi-Fi Thief Detector

This app can give a fast result and easy to download. It gives you information of how many devices are on your router.

It can also help you spot suspicious devices that don’t belong there and connect you with your router settings.

This can help you to quickly make the changes you need to protect your router.

2. Fing

One way to find out WiFi users via Android is to use an application called Fing.

This application has the ability to scan for devices connected to WiFi. The name of the device will be very clear, complete with the type and brand of smartphone connected.

In addition, Fing can also detect if there are routers, WiFi, laptops, computers, and various other devices that are connected to our WiFi.

3. Who’s on my WiFi

The next way to find out WiFi users via Android is to use an application called Who’s On My WiFi.

This WiFi scanner application can be downloaded for free on the Play Store with a size of less than 5MB.

Despite its small size, we can rely on it to find out who is using our WiFi. Unfortunately, this application has a drawback, namely that it cannot display the device name.

Only the IP address and type of device listed are listed. To find out the device name we have to edit it manually.

Behind these shortcomings this application can display the number of devices connected to WiFi.

When you open this application for the first time, you will immediately see the number of connected devices complete with IP Address and the type of device.

4. WiFi Scanner

Another application that you can try to find out Wifi users is WiFi Scanner. What’s interesting about this application is that it has a feature to view the history of WiFi users by day.

The information displayed is also quite detailed by displaying the type of device, IP address and Mac address. In addition, this application has a feature to test internet speed.

How to find out Wifi users through this application is very easy. You simply download it on the Play Store, then tap the button below the name of the Wifi to see all devices connected to the Wifi Hotspot.

5. Who uses my WiFi

Who Uses My WiFi deserves to be called one of the best WiFi user check applications?

This application has very complete features. We can even use it to block devices connected to WiFi.

The WiFi user information displayed is very complete, starting from the type of device, brand, to the IP address. We can see all connected devices with one click.

In addition, there is also a menu for entering router settings, port scanners, and many others.

All of these features can be tried for free by downloading the Who Uses My WiFi application on the Play Store.

6. Wireless Network Watcher

This software can help you, Windows and MacOS users, to watch for suspicious wireless activity.

This software can also monitor all currently connected devices.

Using alternative method by checking administrator logs

Whenever you suspect that someone is hopping on your Wi-Fi connection, you must log in to your router’s administration page.

Mostly, we can do this by typing or into the address bar.

If you success in accessing the admin page, then you need to locate the page listing the various MAC (Media Access Control) address connected to your computer.

The location is depended on your router, but you may still find it under wireless configuration, wireless status, or in the DHCP client list.

The list is useful to count how many devices are connected to your internet.

If you only have four devices in your home, while you see six MAC address, then this can indicate that someone is probably stealing your Wi-Fi.

As a note, the devices like old phones, gaming consoles, Wi-Fi –enabled cameras may show up on the MAC address list.

To help you identify which MAC address represents which device, you may use website like

How to kick strangers from your Wi-Fi and keep outsiders away

You may think to lock down your Wi-Fi. Sure, that’s a good idea. But you still can avoid the chance for strangers to hopping onto your connection before enacting your security protocol.

But don’t worry about it because there still an easy solution to kick those strangers away quickly.

By changing your password to a more robust code, you will be automatically kicked and so does the strangers.

Just sign in to your devices again with new password and the strangers won’t be able to log on again.

You only have to be more often in monitoring your list of connected devices.

How to block the unwanted strangers?

Easy! You just need to look for an option on your router administration page that says MAC filtering, Device filtering, and other similar terms.

This setting allows you to add MAC numbers to a list of blocked devices and say good bye to any devices on the block list because they can’t access your router’s Wi-Fi signal anymore.

In order to make the process of blocking super simple, you may choose Google Home.

But one thing you must know that this way is not safe for a long time. Hackers can find another trick by using different MAC address.

But you can try to keep squatters off your Wi-Fi to tackle this trick.

Never leave your router in default name and password. Change it! You can do this from the admin page on your router so you can avoid the chance of someone stealing your Wi-Fi.

How to change your password?

You just have to look for the pre-shared key in your security settings and then confirm your new password.

Just try to find in wireless settings menu “Service Set Identifier” in order to change your router name.

You can look up more specific instructions for your specific brand of router if necessary.

Finally, its’s important for you to use the strongest wireless network encryption. WPA2 is the most commonly used and WPA3 is the strongest.

How to fix the router that has been hacked

Real signs that you can encounter if your router has been hacked  are installations of unexpected software and router settings become inaccessible.

If you have encountered these signs then you need to take an action immediately!

You have to keep your sensitive information secure before it’s too late. Here are the tips:

1. Reboot

Resetting your router can help you identify other infected devices and disrupt any active malware on your network.

2. Turn on your guest network

Try to enable the option of “Guest Network” on your router. This function enable visitors to your home and to keep your devices on a separate network from theirs.

By that function, your network connection and your smart home devices that utilize the connection can be protected.

3. Inactivate the remote administration

The “remote administration” setting on your router allows you to access your computer and internet connection from a different location.

It’s good for personal use and a big problem if a hacker gain access. You may see the signs if someone is manipulating your computer real-time like watching your mouse move or a program installing on its own.

4. Update the router’s firmware

Upgrade every available firmware to the latest version whenever updates are available or do it every 90 days.

This is because most router models is not automatically update firmware.

Easy Ways to Make Router Safely from Hacker

For addition, we also provide you tips in preventing your router to be hacked easily.

Here are 5 easy ways that you can try to do to make your router not easy to be hacked.

1. Use a strong password

One of the most effective ways to secure a WiFi connection so that it is not easily penetrated or compromised is to use a strong and unique password.

Remember, don’t use your date of birth or any other easily recognizable password.

Choose a password that is difficult to remember by others, but easy for you to remember.

Strong passwords usually use a combination of uppercase, lowercase and numbers.

2. Use wpa2 encryption

Well, if you don’t want your WiFi connection to become increasingly unstable and interfere with your comfort while working,

completing tasks or even watching videos from your favorite vloggers on video sharing sites like YouTube, use WiFi Protected Access or WPA2 encryption.

Apart from WPA 2, you can also use other encryption such as WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) or the previous generation WPA.

However, for now, WiFi Protection Access 2 or WPA2 is a network security method that is considered the safest to use.

So, if you don’t want to be hacked by people, make sure your WiFi connection is already using this security standard.

3. Change the SSID of the WiFi network

Another way that you can take to make your WiFi connection free from irresponsible intruders is by changing the WiFi network Service Set Identifier (SSID).

For your information, SSID is the name of the WiFi network you are using. So, so that your WiFi is not compromised, use a unique WiFi SSID name.

4. Turn off the WPS feature

Turning off the WiFi Protected Setup or WPS feature of your WiFi network can also be done to prevent the WiFi network you are using from being compromised.

WPS is a WiFi security system that is used to connect a router to a cellphone or laptop.

Using WPS can make someone break into WiFi networks using applications easily without entering a password, you know.

So, you should turn off the WiFi Protected Setup feature if you want your WiFi network to remain safe.

5. Block MAC address

You can also filter the Media Access Control Address or MAC Address so that the WiFi network cannot be broken into easily by other people.

MAC Address is a network address or “unique code” that is commonly found on devices such as laptops or cell phones.

Well, you can control who enters and uses the WiFi network by blocking the MAC address you want so that the user can’t break into your WiFi network.

Blocking Media Access Control Address aka MAC Address and the four methods above is a fairly powerful method to prevent WiFi from being breached or being penetrated at random.

That is the review of how to tell if someone is using your Wi-Fi. Hopefully with this article, you can avoid things that are not mitigated from happening. Good luck!

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