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Why Does My Wifi Keep Disconnecting On My Laptop In Windows?

If you are facing a wifi connection issue on your laptop and keep asking yourself why does my wifi keep disconnecting on my laptop?

Don’t become too much worry because you are not the only one. There is a number of people experiencing the same problem and many of them also don’t have any idea about the solution.

The way people experiencing this problem may be different from one another. Some users just get their wifi connection breaks frequently when the laptops are connected and some are having experiences with automatic disabled of the wifi adapter that needs a restart first to make it work again.

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No matter in which situation you are now, both issues above are still related with the wifi connection randomly disconnected by itself and it is very frustrating and inconvenient.

What can you do with your laptop if there is no connection?

Before going further solving this problem, you can firstly learn the reasons why your laptop is under this condition.

Why Does My Wifi Keep Disconnecting on My Laptop?

1. WIFI Sense Feature

When your laptop is upgraded to Windows 10 you can enjoy the WIFI Sense feature that allows you to connect to nearby wifi connections that have been used and shared by other users of Windows 10.

This is actually a great feature since your laptop can automatically detect and connect to the nearby open hotspot, but it also triggers the sudden disconnecting issue.

When your laptop is trying to connect to a wifi hotspot that you want, it will suddenly stops itself from doing that because the WIFI Sense feature leads it to connect to the other wifi another nearby wifi hotspot it recognizes.

The connection is mostly failed because your laptop has never recognize the recommended wifi hotspot

For some people this feature is really helpful, but for some others it just can trigger another bigger problem, so turning off this feature can be a solution.

2. Power Management Feature

Not only the WIFI Sense feature, you will also be rewarded with the Power Management feature from Windows 10 to help you control its power usage.

Your laptop is allowed to automatically disable some hardware such as the wifi adapter when it finds that your laptop has been using too much power.

The automatic hardware disable is done to make your battery last longer since some hardware does take a lot of its consumption.

This is why your wifi connection keeps disconnecting itself randomly.

3. Wireless Adapter Improperly Configured

Your Wireless Adapter settings may change and you don’t realize it.

The change may happen in the channel frequency range and it ends up with your wifi connection keeps disconnecting itself.

Some people don’t think this change is significant, but it does have impact to your stable wifi connection.

4. Outdated Drivers

Old laptops with outdated drivers are more likely to experience this issue because their drivers can’t accommodate the activities of the connected hardware.

Since drivers are vital in laptop as it keeps your hardware to function as it intended to be, then having them outdated would lead to bigger issues.


Before doing anything down below, you should firstly do a simple solution especially if this is the first time that you find your wifi connection breaks itself.

Restart your laptop, router and modem. Sometimes the cause can be just the temporary glitch and doing this will make everything goes back to normal.

If you have any third-party security software enabling, disable it temporarily to check whether or not it blocks your internet connection.

Before restating your PC it is to forget all of your previous wifi networks and start again later after restarting.

If any of these simple solutions don’t work out, then go checking other solutions below that may work.

1. Disabling the Network Adapter Power Saving Setting

As has been mentioned above that your wifi connection can break itself due to the power management setting related with the network adapter, you need to check the setting to see if it is disabling.

If you find it is, just disabling this feature should have made your wifi connection much better.

Open your Run box by pressing the Windows logo key and R key together on your keyboard.

Once the Run box displayed, type ‘ncpa.cpl’ and enter. After that you can right click your Wifi Network adapter and choose Properties.

Click Configure, choose the Power Management menu. You will find a tab saying ‘Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power’ and this tab shouldn’t be checked.

Uncheck if it is checked and ensure you have left it unchecked.

After clicking ok your wifi connection shouldn’t get disconnected by itself anymore if this is really the problem.

2. Checking the Latest Driver Update

Since outdated drivers will significantly affect your hardware’s performance, updating it to the latest version will not just make your wifi connection better, but it gives impact to the whole performance of your laptop.

Check if your driver needs an update by opening the Run box again using the same combination of Windows logo key and R. Now you need to type devmgmt.msc.

After entering you will get into the device manager and choose Network Adapters. Right Click the Wifi Driver option to find the Update Driver Software menu and choose it.

There will be a tab saying ‘Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software’ and this is what you should choose.

There will be instructions you have to follow and you need to do the same to the other network adapters too.

Restart your computer when you finish following the instructions.

3. Disabling Wifi Sense

Since WIFI Sense feature may be the biggest reason to your wifi disconnects frequently windows 10, trying to disconnect it will lead you to the solution.

Go to the Settings menu of your Windows and choose the Network & Internet tab.

Switch to the Wifi section by using the menu on the left.

Look at your current connection and you can find some details below it one of them is ‘Manage Wifi Settings’ and click it.

This menu will lead you to the WIFI Sense section. Just scrolling down until you find it.

Once you find the section, disable the tab saying ‘connect to networks shared by my contacts’. Ensure you have left this off.

After disabling, try to connect to your wifi again to see if this is really the problem. If not, you can do the next solution below.

4. Running Your Network Troubleshooter

One of the benefits of updating your laptop to your windows 10 is that you can enjoy its plenty of troubleshooters.

They allow you to find and fix the common bugs and issues happening without having to make you contact the customer support.

Running the network troubleshooter will help fix your wifi issues as well.

Again, you can use the combo keys of Windows logo and R together. Once the box opened, type ‘control’ and enter.

This will lead you to the Control Panel section and this is where the Troubleshooting option stays. Get your View mode set in Large icons to help you find the option easier.

Choose Network & Internet, and click Network Adapter. There will be on-screen instructions you have to follow to help the system repair any detected issues automatically.

After finishing the instructions, restart your laptop to see how everything works.

5. Resetting Network

If your laptop keeps losing wifi connection windows 10, resetting your network may work.

By resetting network you will change all the settings related with network back to their default.

Open the Settings menu and choose Network & Internet. Click Network Reset and choose Reset Now.

The screen will ask for confirmation about the resetting action, click again to answer it.

By clicking the confirmation your network settings are reset and the next time you want to connect to wifi hotspot you should add it manually again by entering the password.

This solution is useful for fixing connecting issues, so trying to for fixing your wifi disconnecting issue may work.

If none of the solutions above are useful for you, then try the other solutions because there are numerous things you still can do.

However, it is better to try detecting the issue so you know what to do without having to spend a lot of time trying and figuring out.

Sometimes the problem may also come from your router, so you should ensure that your wifi router works well.

The last choice when you have tried many things, but nothing goes well is to reset your windows.

This should work except there is something wrong with the router or hardware.

Don’t be stressful of asking to yourself why does my wifi keep disconnecting on my laptop?

Try to find the solution starting from the simplest since there are many solutions to choose depending on your problem.

There may be some little problems happen that you don’t realize so don’t get in a hurry to do something more difficult when you can start from the easiest.

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