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Why is My Wifi Signal Weak All of a Sudden: Causes and How To Fix

Some people message me about why is my wifi signal weak all of a sudden ? I also experience this when playing games. This problem really annoyed me.

Today, life people depend on the internet significantly to complete many of their activities, thus making the installation of wireless routers becomes a need.

However, the most common problem from using a wireless router is to experience the sudden signal weak. On this article you can learn how to fix weak wifi signal with 5 step.

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There are some reasons for why is my wifi signal weak all of a sudden and this issue could happens repeatedly when the main cause is not properly addressed.

While installing a wireless routers is meant to be a solution for a stronger internet connection that don’t make you rely on a certain commercial internet network, this could be a complete nightmare when you suddenly experiencing the poor loading times.

Here are some causes with simple solutions to do to address this issue.

Some Causes of Why is My Wifi Signal Weak All of a Sudden

1. Improperly Positioned Router

Although a router doesn’t have to be positioned near a computer for accessing its best and strongest signal, you have to pay more attention on how you place it inside the house.

Improperly positioned router can influence the signal delivered to your device especially if there are some obstacles nearby.

Routers are mostly designed to cover about 46 meters indoor, which means it should cover the whole house without any distraction when it is positioned well.

Place it in a central area of the house will give you a better signal.

Some people just don’t like the idea of displaying a router since it creates an unclutter view in their house, thus they hide it behind the TV while it just makes the signal getting worse.

Letting the router widely opened in any of its sides and free from any obstruction with the antennas are pointing upward is always the best position.

2. Signal Distracted by Objects

When you have repositioned the router but it seems like the signal is not getting better, look around and check if there are some interferences such as microwave, oven, cordless phones, wireless cameras and satellite TV receivers.

These items tend to use the same frequency as your router that causes the internet connection becoming so slow.

Not only experiencing poor loading times, but you will also find it difficult to transfer files via Bluetooth when these items are nearby.

The solution is to turn them down when you use the connection or put the router away from them.

3. Too Many Devices Connected

When your router is connected with too many devices, the signal strength will be poor at the same time especially if some devices are accommodating certain activities that use a lot of bandwidth such as streaming and gaming.

The solution is to limit the devices connected to the router to make the signal more stable.

Some routers has features that allow you to prioritize several essential operations to prevent some devices taking a lot of bandwidth.

4. Too Many Wireless Signals

If you are living in a neighborhood when most people there are using wireless routers, it may affect the strength of your signal too.

Check this condition by finding out the how many wireless signals are there around you through your computer.

With so many devices are connected to the same range of wireless signals, you may find your wireless signal is getting weak.

Change the channel settings by following your router’s manual to solve this problem.

If your router channel is in a different frequency band, the signal strength will be much more stable.

5. Outdated Router

Sometimes, an outdated router can cause a weak wifi signal because it tends to be less efficient in its technology.

Due to the less efficient technology, an old router can lead to some several technical issues that weaken your signal such as overheating.

Moreover, the power output is usually not as good as the newer one. So it is better to upgrade your old router if you find it hard to catch a good signal through it.

Why is My Wifi Signal Weak All of a Sudden Android

Poor wifi signal in android doesn’t only happen to cheap smartphones, but it happens equally in all devices.

So the problem is not in the quality of your smartphone since there are some factors that may contribute to this issue.

You just need to know how to weak wifi signal in your android depending on the problem.

1. Restart the Router

It may be just a classic solution, but trying to restart your router should always be the first thing to do because who knows it directly targets the issue?

You have nothing to lose by doing this anyway since it takes only less than a minute to restart the device.

It is very easy and cheap. It also has a high possibility as the culprit because your router can easily run out of memory or using CPU cycles a lot that affects the signal strength.

2. Forget and Sign Back

Another classic solution for solving poor signal issue is by forgetting the wifi and sign it back.

You just need to go to the wifi settings in your android to do this.

Forgetting the wifi connection will allow the device to restart the connection back to normal and it usually easier for you to use more stable signal.

3. Reset the Network Settings

If some solutions above don’t work well for you, you can try resetting your network settings to flush out all of the mobile data settings and wifi networks saved in your smartphone.

Do to this just go to the Settings on your phone and choose the Reset menu, then select the option of Reset Network Settings.

By hitting enter all your network settings will be automatically reset and go back to the standard.

You have to log in to your wifi connection again since all data has been deleted, but it usually fixes the issue properly.

4. The Use of a Slow VPN

Using VPN for improving your privacy and security online is a good thing, but sometimes the choice of VPN app that you picked just makes everything worse especially in the signal strength.

Some VPN apps, especially the free versions can decrease your phone’s performance, thus contributing to the slow internet connection you experience.

If you want to know whether or not your VPN gives an impact to this issue, try to disable the app first and see how everything works.

If it does has a contribution, then just delete and use a better, more premium VPN app instead.

5. Having a Slow Phone

Sometimes the biggest problem of your poor internet connection is not in the router or signal, but it is on your own phone or hardware.

Too many apps running in the background is one of the factors that make a phone slow.

When you download or stream videos too much your available bandwidth will be taken significantly making the internet connection so slow.

So don’t put too much burden on your phone especially if you have an old, cheap one that doesn’t really accommodate bigger tasks.

Why is My Wifi Signal Weak All of a Sudden on iPhone

How to pick up weak wifi signal on iPhone is actually similar with Android because you also need to reset your router, forget and sign back to your wifi connection, reset the wifi settings and close some apps in the background.

However, there are some other things you need to do when you have an iPhone since these devices are having several differences.

1. Updating the iPhone

When you get your phone is being so slow in receiving a good internet connection, it might be the time for you to update the iOS.

By updating your iPhone, the whole performance of the device will be more stable and improving.

Also, you have to check all the pending software and get an update for fixing the poor wifi connection.

2. Restoring to Factory Reset

This solution is actually not an option for most people because the risk of losing data is just unbearable.

However, you will get what you pay for. The sacrifice of losing data after doing the factory reset will be paid by having a much better internet connection.

Go to the Reset Option in the Settings menu and you will have to select the Erase all Content and Settings and the Erase iPhone.

After this reset your phone will go back to the first time you used it without any data inside it.

3. Using a Custom DNS

If you have difficulties in accessing certain apps or webs through your internet connection, then changing the DNS can be a solution.

You can use a custom DNS, it can be either and Open DNS or Google DNS.

Make sure to learn how to switch to a custom DNS and how to revert the custom DNS to the default configuration properly first.

Just in case the custom DNS doesn’t work for you, at least you know how to go back to the default configuration so you don’t have any regret of trying this solution.

When you start asking why is my wifi signal weak all of a sudden, it is actually when a bigger problem comes because your most activities can be delayed.

Waiting longer for the signal to be better doesn’t even make everything good, so you have to learn some solutions to get yourself armed for facing the same problem in the future.

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