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Why is My Wifi So Slow on My iPhone ? Common Problems and Tips

Connecting to internet through mobile phone is the most convenient and that is why getting your phone not connected to wifi even when you have tried is the most frustrating.

Sometimes you may not get it disconnected, but you just experience the slow internet connection distracting your important activities.

When you asking why is my wifi so slow on my iPhone? There are actually some reasons behind it and there are always be some solutions following them.

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Whenever a new model of iPhone is coming out, consumers are always served with the newer and better features of the camera, screen and all.

People don’t really pay attention of whether or not some improvements in internet speeds are added.

The problem of slow internet connection doesn’t only happen to affordable devices only because your newest, high-end iPhone can also experience this problem.

Troubleshooting Tips

Before judging that the problem of slow wifi comes from your iPhone, it is better to check whether or not your wifi router is fine by connecting other devices to it.

If the other devices can connect easily at a good speed, then your router is all just fine.

However, if something wrong happen in the router that makes it can’t deliver its signal properly, you can do the most classic troubleshooting, restart it.

If you see nothing better happens after restarting, try some tips below.

1. Clearing Browsing Data

The browsing data in your iPhone may be accumulated so the device can’t maximally serve you with a good internet speed.

Data cookies and corrupt files will slow down your device’s performance, which as a result it slows down your internet connection too.

2. Resetting Network Settings

When your iPhone is updated with the new iOS, some corrupt files may affect your wifi connection and make it so slow.

Try to reset your network settings to clear all of the saved data related with your previous wifi hotspot.

This will delete all the history of your wifi connection, so you need to input the password again when you want to connect to your home wifi.

3. Turning Off Automatic Background Processes

The apps running in the background will just make everything worse.

For some people it really works because they need some apps to run all the time for certain purposes, but if you don’t really need to do that, just turn off the automatic background processes to stop some apps keep using your data connection in the background.

With too any apps using your wifi connection at the same time, it is hard for you to enjoy the internet at its best speed.

Also, numerous apps working at the same time in the background will just add more burden to your device, making your wifi slow on iPhone and also its whole performance.

How to turn off the automatic background processes depends on what iOS is running on your iPhone.

Common Problems iPhone Wifi is Slow

To help you find out more solutions of the slow wifi problem, you need to know some common problems of why your iPhone experiencing a slow wifi.

1. Outdated Software

Some system bugs can’t be easily removed from your iPhone because your software is outdated.

Updating the latest software will provide a solution of a better performance with many bugs accumulated are properly removed.

New firmware has more updates and abilities in removing any kinds of bugs that lead to the slow wifi issue.

Checking the latest updates on your iPhone can be easily performed trough your iTunes.

Use your computer to check and ensure it has a good internet connection and the latest version of iTunes app.

Connect your iPhone and computer using Apple-Supplied USB cable to open the Settings and check for update.

If there is a new software available, click download and updates. This should solve your problem if bugs and old software are the causes.

2. Improper Network Settings

When the network settings on your iPhone are not properly set it can significantly affect the way the device connected to the internet.

However, many times you don’t realize with it and even if you do you may not have any idea about which setting configuration is improper.

The best solution is to reset your network settings so that everything will go back to its default.

This is the easiest solution since you don’t have to do any changes specifically.

However, resetting this network settings will erase all the saved data related with the previous wifi connections and Bluetooth.

It will also delete all the APNs and every information in the network settings. You can find Reset Network Settings option in the Settings menu and choose General.

Click Reset and select Reset Network Settings. Click confirm if there is a confirmation display showing up after clicking Reset.

3. Complex System Bugs

Although the updated software of your iPhone can clear the bugs that bothering your device’s performance, the software is actually not really useful when it comes to clear the complex system bugs.

This is because these kinds of bugs are already running the function of your phone, which makes them hard to be removed.

Do the factory reset is the best solution when this problem happens, but it will delete all of the information in your device.

Make sure to back up all the data first to not losing any important information. Find the Reset factory option in the Settings menu, choose General and click Reset.

Choose a tab saying “Erase All Content and Settings” and there may be a warning message showing up that you have to answer by clicking “Erase iPhone”.

You should enter your passcode to complete the reset and click Erase iPhone twice to finish it.

The problem of iPhone slow on wifi should be fixed automatically after doing this factory reset.

4. Corrupted Network Data

Your slow wifi connection may be caused by just a simple issue like corrupted network data.

Especially if you just update your iOS 13, some erroneous internet files may leave and slowing down your device.

To clear all of this corrupted files by refreshing the wifi function.

Turn off and on the wifi settings can be performed by just clicking the wifi option in the setting.

Turn off the wifi, restart your iPhone and turn the wifi on again. This will fix your slow wifi issue if the corrupted files are the culprits.

Another solution to refresh your network data is to turn off and on the airplane mode.

Not only the wireless network, but all the wireless radio connections including Bluetooth will be off when this mode is on.

Refreshing through the airplane mode will not only refresh your wifi connection but also refresh your data transmission.

This will work better to your phone’s performance and many people have proved it.

5. Corrupted Wifi Network

Just in case the cause of your slow wifi connection is just a corrupted wifi network, you can just simple forgetting all the previous wifi connections to clear your wifi history.

Actually, you don’t have to forget all the saved wifi connections, just the one that is corrupted is enough.

A wifi network can become corrupted from an update made in your iPhone especially when the updates overriding the networks automatically.

Forgetting the network will make you have to set it up again later, but next time you use it everything should be better.

Go to your wifi menu and click on the wifi network you think is corrupted.

There will be icon “i” on each of the network, click this icon on the network you want to forget. This will lead you to an option saying “Forget This Network”.

Click it and click Forget to confirm your action.

Once the wifi network is deleted, you can try to connect with it again from the start and see the difference.

This may be the reason why your iPhone not working on wifi and this issue is just a simple one.

If you don’t know which wifi network is corrupting, then just delete all of the saved wifi networks for the safest solution.

This will clear the wifi network history. restart your iPhone after deleting to clear all the left caches from this action.

You can scan for the available networks around afterward and this should be better.

If your iPhone is using iOS 13, just go straight to the Control Center to scan, connect and enable your wifi without having to go to the Settings.

The causes of why is my wifi so slow on my iPhone above can also happen to android and the solutions are almost the same.

Users just sometime don’t realize what is happening in their device and what it is struggling that they don’t have any idea why it has a slow internet.

So you should understand your device condition by checking some settings, clearing all bugs and preventing it from having too much things to handle.

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