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Why Won’t My iPod Connect to WiFi? Easy Step to Fix

People who have an iPod must be asking why won’t my iPod connect to WiFi.

It’s a normal thing for every device, but it may be some indication that there’s a problem inside the device.

Whether it came from features or hardware, you will know after you find out.

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It needs to be check because there are lots of possibilities that cause the iPod won’t connect to WiFI.

The most possible thing is, there are problems in your WiFi connection or your iPod doesn’t catch the WiFi signal.

If it’s coming from your WiFi connection, then you need to take a look of your WiFi coverage specification.

If it’s coming from your iPod, you have to see the WiFI feature in there.

Once you already know the root of the problem, you will be able to solve it no time.

To understand why your iPod won’t connect to your WiFi, here’s the explanation we already made for you.

Introduction of Why Won’t My iPad Connect to WiFi

Before we dig the information about that, we need to know the basic knowledge of iPod and WiFi itself.

In the reality, we believe you may know what’s WiFi and iPod in general. That’s what most people use at this time.

But you may need to know about iPod and WiFi feature and technical explanation. iPod is a multi-purpose device sorted as media and game players. The iPod is one of the Apple product.

Release in 2001, the iPod was first introduced as a music-listening device. The first iPod is compatible with Mac and PC and can save more than 5,000 songs in one device.

iPod was highly anticipated because there is no cellular phone that able to store the big amount of the songs.

The iPod oftentimes use as an entertainment purpose, especially for young people.

Year by year, Apple then continue to create more version of iPod. From the standard model iPod to the last version of it, iPod touch.

Each iPod has its specialty and specifications that give the user convenience experience for using that.

Such as, for the iPod standard, you can play music and video in the device. And for the iPod mini, you can put that in a pocket and you can hear the music play from the device.

From the iPod Mini, Apple then began to create a more complete feature of the iPod.

It’s marked by the iPod Photo which the feature include in storing and showing the pictures on LCD.

There are also iPod Nano with its small screen and iPod Shuffle with no LCD. Lastly, there is an iPod Touch where you’ll be able to connect it to the WiFi.

The WiFI itself is a wireless network that can send the internet connection. WiFi is commonly used for a device such as a phone, PC, or camera and printers.

The WiFi will be operated when the radio frequencies can send the signals for the device. The radio frequencies usually form as Gigahertz.

The technology originated in Hawaii where the wireless network is used to connect the whole island.

How Does WiFi Work?

If you know how to use the walkie talkie, you may understand how does WiFi work. It’s because the WiFi works with the same concept just like a walkie talkie.

The wireless adapter formed the data into a radio signal and it transmits in Gigahertz, using the antenna.

Then, the router, take the signal and translate it. You will get the notification once the information sends to the internet using a connection called Ethernet.

For your information, WiFi transmits the frequencies like 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. It’s higher than the one we use in walkie talkie or phone.

The higher the frequency will let the signal to deliver data so the speed will be faster. In WiFi, there also network standards named 802.11 which came up with several types.

The 802.11a have a task to transmits the 5 GHz and can send data 54 megabits per second.

While the 802.11a transmit at a high speed, the 802.11b is the slowest type of network standards.

It transmits 2.4 GHz frequency and uses complementary code keying to make the connection speeds faster.

There are also 802.11g that lot faster than 802.11b and can carry up to 54 megabytes data in one second.

Lastly, there are 802.11ac which is the newest standard and can transmit 2.4G Hz or 5 GHz frequencies.

The device that wireless connection use for transmitting the data are router and your phone, PC, camera, or printer.

From the router, the radio frequencies sent to your devices.

If those two devices connect each other and don’t have any problem inside it, you can use the internet connection.

But if the device doesn’t connect, there may be things that haven’t set yet. It’s also maybe the reason why won’t your iPod connect to WiFi.

How to Connect WiFi to the iPod?

As we all know, iPod first release for only entertainment purpose. And that time, the device can’t connect to the WiFi because of the limited features inside the iPod.

However, you still can connect the WiFi to your iPod device. But not with the iPod Shuffle or Mini.

It’s the up-to-date iPod touch that allows you to connect to your wireless connection and experiencing easiness on that.

To connect WiFI through your iPod touch, you can go to the Settings section, then choose the Home Screen to show WiFi Network Screen.

Turn it on or turn it off if you don’t use the connection again. When the WiFi is turned on, you will see that your phone receives the WiFi signal and there is a list of nearest WiFi signal in your area.

Choose the WiFI signal you know, then enter the password if it’s required.

If your iPod Touch isn’t connected to the WiFi, you have to answer the question in a box whether you want to allow that or no.

It usually asks when you want to use Safari, Mail, and any other applications. That means you need to allow the iPod Touch to use a particular wireless connection.

After you use the WiFi, you can turn it off to save your battery. It takes quite a big energy when you connect your iPod Touch to WiFi.

Why Won’t My Old iPod Connect to WiFi

You may be asking why won’t my old iPod connect to WiFi. To ensure that you can connect your old iPod to the WiFi, you must know whether your iPod is still in a good condition or not.

It’s because a lot of people complaining that their old iPod won’t connect to WiFi the important part to catch the WiFi signal already broke. Or simply, the iPod can’t be used anymore.

If your old iPod is still in a good condition, you may go to Settings > WiFi from your home screen.

Then, turn on your WiFi. Your device will automatically search for the WiFi nearer you.

Choose the WiFi network from the network list and enter the password.

If there are terms and conditions, you need to agree to the requirements needed.

The higher the bar in WiFi means a stronger connection for your WiFi.

Another possibility why your old iPod can’t connect to WiFi maybe it’s because your old iPod doesn’t have any WiFi feature.

If you still have standard iPod, iPod Mini, or iPod shuffle, you can’t connect those iPods because they don’t have any WiFi feature.

Indeed, they can only perform several features inside the device. Such as iPod Mini where you can only enjoy music.

iPod Nano does have Bluetooth connection, but there’s no WiFi feature in there.

iPod Connected To WiFi But No Internet

When the iPod connected to WiFi but no internet, turn off the WiFi feature in your iPod. Then, slide again the button to “On” section in WiFi settings.

If the WiFi connected but there’s still no internet, you can check your router and restart it.

The problem doesn’t always come from the iPod, it may be coming from the router.

You can restart it by following the instructions.

If it’s still showing the same result, you can restart your iPod and forget the network and connect it again.

My iPod Is Connected to WiFi But Internet Won’t Work

When you ask why my iPod is connected to WiFi but the internet won’t work, the problem maybe happens in your iPod or router.

But, there’s a possibility that to use the WiFi, you need to enter the right password. It often happens when you use public WiFi.

If you use private WiFi and the internet won’t work, the signal may become the main factor why you can’t use the internet.

It’s an essential thing to hold a smart device and have internet connection in this modern era.

If you don’t have that, it will be hard for you to store all the documents and important information.

The iPod let you keep the entertainment matter for your good, meanwhile, the WiFi take a place of giving internet connection so you can be connected to the browser or contact everyone you want.

Hope this article about why won’t my iPod connect to WiFi help you.

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