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Why Wont My Phone Stay Connected to Wifi? Expert Solutions

The time when your phone is not connecting to wifi can be the most frustrating since internet has become a part of people’s lives.

It will be useless to have a phone that can’t connect to wifi no matter how expensive it is.

The worst is that many times when you are in the condition of asking why won’t my phone stay connected to wifi is when you just need it the most for completing your work.

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This is many users’ problem and you are not alone. You can get out of this problem as long as you know the culprit and how to take it out.

This article should be answer question why won’t my android ph one connect to wifi.

Common Reasons

The biggest cause of why your wont isn’t connected to wifi is actually the settings.

There must be something wrong with your wifi setting that must be properly changed to make your wifi get back to normal.

The other cause is the software or iOS if you are using iPhone.

When the iOS or software is experiencing some issues, it will influence the whole performance of your phone including the wifi. The other possibility is that your hardware is broken.

Sometimes the problem maybe not in your phone, but it can be caused by some network configurations, misinformation and the distribution of your wifi radio waves.

Wifi distributes its signal through radio waves, which can be only delivered in straight line.

So, if you are in a location that is distracted by some interferences, the radio waves can’t properly reach your phone and that’s why the wifi won’t connect.

 These three causes are the most common culprits that lead to wifi connection problem.

As there are many causes to be found, some solutions are also there to help you get out of this solution.


When you come to a problem of your android wifi won’t connect to wifi, make sure that your phone is not in airplane mode first.

The airplane mode will automatically turn off the data and wifi connection when it is enabled. Check the airplane icon on your phone and it should be off.

Also, ensure that your wifi sensors are enabled. If you have ensured these two settings are off and on, try these solutions.

1. Reconnecting to Your Network

There is nothing wrong by trying to reconnect your android phone with your desired wifi network again because you might mistype the password.

Especially if you are already connected, but the internet wont load, just try to refresh your connection by forgetting the wifi.

Go to the Connections menu and select the name of your wifi hotspot. Forget this connection by choosing menu “Forget”.

After forgetting you have to look for the wifi connection and reconnect again by typing the password manually.

This should work well if you don’t have any bigger issues.

Try to restart your router as well before connecting by unplugging it for about 10 seconds and plugging it back again.

Your router may not be able to be directly used after the restart, so take some time to let it broadcast its signal before reconnecting.

2. Restarting and Resetting

If the solution above doesn’t give any light to your problem, then the issue may lie in your android phone.

Try to restart your phone to clear any glitches in it since they can be the distraction for the wifi connection. Reconnect to your wifi after restarting and see if it works.

If it still doesn’t work you can now reset the network and settings of your android phone. Go to the General Management menu of your device and choose Reset.

Choose Reset Network Settings menu to clear all the saved wifi hotspots you have connected to in the past.

By doing this reset you will have no list of the previous wifi connections used, which means you have to start over again to connect to any wifi hotspot.

If you don’t see it works, try to reset the settings as well. Resetting the settings means that you will change everything in it and get them back to their default setting.

The last reset to do when none above works is to do Factory Data Reset.

This should be the last option because resetting your phone will erase all the data in your android device and get it back to the first time you used it.

There will be nothing left in your phone after doing this factory reset, but the chance of getting solution from here is bigger.

3. Change the Wifi Setting

If you don’t want to reset your phone, you can still have other solutions to try, one of them is by changing the wifi setting.

Go to your Settings menu, click Wireless & Network and chose Wifi. Click it and you will find Advanced menu at the bottom of your screen.

Choose this menu and click “Keep Wifi on During Sleep”. There will be three options on the screen, they are “Always”, “Only When Plugged In” and “Never (Increases data usage)”.

Choose the last one to let your wifi on even during sleep. Just like what the screen says, this setting will increase your ata usage, but it will make your phone stay connected to wifi without any problem.

Since you have clicked the Advanced menu of your wifi to go to this page, click back to the Advanced menu again and instead of choose “Keep Wifi on During Sleep” you can choose the Proxy setting.

This menu shouldn’t have any proxy setup. If there is, just delete it.

4. Turning Off Power Saving Mode

The “power saving mode” feature is created to help android users get their battery last longer. This mode will turn off some services automatically such as wifi and Bluetooth.

So if you want your wifi to be always on and connected, then this mode should be turned off. Go to the Settings menu to access the Power Setting Mode and turn it off.

How to Fix iPhone Keeps Disconnecting from Wifi

Wifi connection problem doesn’t only happen on android, but it can also happen in iPhone.

The basic solutions of fixing this problem on iPhone are actually the same to android. You need to restart your phone and router first to clean any glitches.

You also have to forget all of the network saved in the device and try to reconnect again.

If the wifi problem only comes from a certain wifi network, then you can try to connect your phone to the other wifi network since the problem may be not in your phone.

Reset your network settings should be performed since it may lead to the solution. If necessary, you can do Reset All Settings, which will erase all of your custom settings and passwords.

You can even do the factory reset if necessary, but some people may not like this idea because they should do some backup data first otherwise everything in it will be erased.

After doing some basic solutions to your device and you don’t get any good news from them, then you can try these solutions.

1. Turning Off Bluetooth

Connecting to Bluetooth and wifi at the same time is sometimes doesn’t work well because Bluetooth can be an interference to you wifi connection.

Try to turn off your Bluetooth when you meet this issue and see if it works. This can be the easiest solution to try before you go further.

How to stay connected to wifi all the time can be this simple, so always start troubleshooting your problem from the simplest solution.

2. Connecting to Wifi with a Professional Tool

None of the above solutions will work if the problem is on your iPhone’s system. However, you still have a chance to fix this issue using a third-party tool.

There are some tools to choose from and you can go with the one compatible to your iOS version.

This kind of professional tool usually helps your phone to find and fix some issues without having to make you lose any data.

3. Trying with Another Device

To check if this wifi problem comes from your router or your iPhone, you can try connecting to the wifi using another device.

If it can connect, then your iPhone is the problem. If it can’t, then the router is the culprit. What you need to do next depends on who is the one triggering it.

If there is something wrong with the router you can restart it and connect again later.

There are some similarities in fixing wifi connection problem on android and iPhone because both devices are actually having the same function.

You can always try some basic solutions before going deeper with the more advanced ones.

The problem of why won’t my phone stay connected to wifi mostly comes from a little problem, so you shouldn’t get panic just because you lost your internet connection. Updating some systems or apps may also work to improve your device’s performance including the wifi.

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